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The chance that you will encounter this Zimmer Golden Spirit on the road is very small; Only three are registered in the Netherlands. The basis is the chassis of the Ford Mustang GT, which has been extended with a subframe in collaboration and consultation with Ford. That collaboration meant that Ford also provided the warranty to the Zimmer dealer organization.

A neoclassic indicates that the model is reminiscent of the 20s/30s, but the technology is from the 80s. The power source is a Ford 8-cylinder; in the 80s the price was around $80.000. Today you could still put together a neoclassical according to your own wishes, which would amount to more than 280.000 depending on personal wishes.

Zimmer Motor Cars

The manufacturer of these special cars started in 1980; Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 1988 and the brand name was sold so that the car could continue to be produced. Jan's Zimmer Golden Spirit is all chrome and shine; some body panels are made of fiberglass, the interior is covered in leather, the dashboard is from the Ford Mustang and the Recaro seats and Nardi steering wheel complete it.

Zimmer Golden Spirit by Jan

It's a party in his warehouse; In addition to his Zimmer, there are a number of English status cars such as Rolls-Royces, but an American Corvette is also part of his collection. For him it's all about what makes the heart beat faster, what makes you happy inside, and for him those are cars that are distinctive. The Zimmer Golden Spirit arrived in the Netherlands from England in 2012; The car originally came from the US, of course.

Dark garage

Jan: “Only in the summer months does the Zimmer exchange the dark garage for the fresh summer air; with 3 copies in the Netherlands, this is actually unique and for me this car still plays an important role. The attention it attracts is an added bonus; That's not why you do it, but it's fun.”


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  1. Wonderful 30s design.
    A few years ago, there was also one at a company in Abcoude that traded in campers.
    The interior space was finished a lot cheaper than the one in the photo.
    The company (and therefore also the Zimmer) has unfortunately disappeared.

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