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  • mont ST Michel

    Nice Normandy

    Normandy. Think of an English landscape and the Dutch climate. So a perfect combination. The result is that there is little tourism. Great too. And the distance is great for us, classic enthusiasts, in two calm travel days.

    Tourist highlights are Mont St. Michel and the local drink, calvados. That beautiful product can often be obtained from the distiller. In its pure form, it is 65%. Take that into account. 40% Is safer.

    Mont St. Michel is legendary Read more


    A lost Belgian

    WWII was what is nowadays called a 'Major Event'. The logistical activities of the Germans at that time were and still are highly impressive. We see this especially in the British Channel Islands, the only British soil that was occupied by Germans in 40-45. That's why it's still teeming Read more

  • Borzoi

    Marcadier is dead

    And you don't know who Monsieur Marcadier was? André Marcadier was one of the small French sports car builders. He mainly became kind of locally famous with his Barzois.

    At the beginning of the 80 years, he also made Lotus 7 and Ford GT40 replicas.

    Between 1963 and 1983 he made approximately 600 cars Read more

  • 2CV, Duck

    Bad ended?

    An enthusiast there told that he was constantly replacing the fat-beaten spark plugs of his TVR.

    This Duck has apparently replaced the spark plug stage.

    Still nice; the Channel Islands Read more

  • Dielette

    A fantastic environment

    Northern France is the piece of land that is always skipped. Unjustified. Despite the fact that the weather there is roughly comparable to that in our country.

    There on the Normandy coast lies the town of Dielette, as a unique tribute to 1960 or thereabouts. You can - if the tide is in the right direction - from to Guernsey. But the quiet village is also a unique base for rides through a landscape that is simply created for your classic car.

    And if you spend the night in ** hotel restaurant La Phar Read more

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