Classic driving is alive!

Classic driving is alive!

Fortunately, the idea that the love for classics ends with 'younger people' has turned out to be a doomsday idea from people who found all motorcycles from after 1970 annoyingly modern. As a satisfied old man, I see young people in their early thirties who have found a good time…

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Purchasing classics there

'Classic Boxers'

Those are BMWs, of course. Or let it be Urals, Dneprs, Douglassen or a few more of those types of 'sleepers'. But at BMW the boxer gene has been present from the cradle. So it is clear where our advertiser 'Classic Boxers' is…

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The bx. why not

The BX. Why not

There have been years when the Citroën BX common sense was without being common sense. The angular design that went hand in hand with the modernity of 1982 Citroën also color on the cheeks again. The eighties…

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