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  1. I could get one upside down Timken at a.failure then 40000bf I was crazy this car,the gearbox borgward or something could do some.dom,I also had to replace the beside front by rust due to consumption Al's young man I sold this to island who did a lot of km in the UK Then don't forget the beautiful coupè, but I would very much like the berline 130 in black, they called it the Italians Mercedes I Vonda the 130 more beautiful

  2. My dad bought a dark green Austin 1300 in 1976 when I was 11 years old. But before that, I was already very fond of this model, which you often encountered on the road at the time. You stumbled across these cars in England in 1980, it was England's best-selling car between 1962 and 1971. You also saw the Hillman Hunter frequently, as well as the Sunbeam Vogue, Singers, etc. derived from it. The English roads in those years were a true open-air museum, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Austin and Morris 1100/1300 were treated as last week's TV magazine during those years. They were underpowered and already rusted on the folder. The English car industry has a very rich history that is very worthwhile to delve into. Thanks to an advertisement in AMK, I bought my Morris 1300 in 1993 from a retired florist in Almelo. Almelo De Riet station was adjacent to Weggelaarstraat 9, where the Morris - still from its first owner… - was neatly parked. The tires were soft, the red charging current light remained on, but the car drove like a charm. 4000 Old-fashioned guilders was still a considerable amount in those years, but the car made a good impression. Three days later the purchase was arranged in Vriezenveen, and the same afternoon I drove the king back to Noord Holland in my Morrisje. When I got home, I was shocked to see that there was still six weeks of MOT on the car. And on the way to my first club meeting in Blaricum, the rear subframe started to let go on the Ring Amsterdam. Thank God everything could be renewed in a club context, and the Morris received a major overhaul and a new MOT at the same time. We have been inseparable for nearly 30 years now. With the Morris 1300 I only make tourist pleasure rides in the area, at 80 km / h the engine is already making 4000 rpm, so I avoid it like the plague. Because it is always indoors, the condition has not or hardly deteriorated in 30 years, only it does get dusty in the garage. Easy to rinse with a bucket of water and a sponge. 87-06-MZ, or as a do it yourself garage owner said “Easy Sat”. And so it is. With the electric petrol pump, draining petrol that has become unusable is so easy. Fresh peut in it, and even after a year of downtime it starts on the first try. Driving these cars on quiet roads is a great pleasure, the engine is very smooth and the comfort superb. I never bought the Morris for the money, but after 30 years even that argument turns out to be in favor of these charming cars ...

  3. In the mid-70s I drove exactly the same 404 license plate 32-BL-25, a wonderful car.
    During a visit to the Koelner Messe, my car was parked at the Ring in the evening
    We sat in a restaurant and heard sirens from ambulances, police, but had no idea what “LOS” was. After our dessert looking for my parked car, nowhere to be seen ... we HAD drunk “something”, but this was very strange…. POLIZEI angerufen, ACH SIE SIND DER HOLLAENDER, bowls SIe zum Polizei amt… .What turned out…. a young driver of an Opel tore over the ring with over 80 km, hit an elderly man crossing the road (who later turned out to have died) and crashed into the 404 through my trunk… .the rear bumper was almost against the back seat… total loss … .. 6 months later… I see MY car driving around happily in Brabant again, the harmonica was straightened and the owner was super satisfied with that wonderful car…. !! I have great memories of this “” doctor's car ”as it was also called… ..

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