Jenny's car

Renault 8
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Jenny Elbertsen was the cause of a traffic jam. But a clean lady in need is always neatly saved in the Netherlands. A friendly gentleman helped Jenny and her newly purchased Renault to the side.

And an AMK employee with tools on board took a look under the hood of Jenny's car. A dusty, but apparently golden honest R8.

There was a lack of petrol found. Not in the tank, but somewhere in the carburetor. Jenny's pride had stood for a long time and the private seller had said that in case of a hitch, the tank had to be hit. In the meantime he had put a fuel filter (without clips around the hose ends) in the fuel line.

But apparently the pollution was also in the carburetor. The gas pump was working, the car started again and with the tip to keep the gas on, Jenny went home.

And we received an email that she had arrived there.

Jenny, have fun with your car!

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