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Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super. An ode, straight from the heart

Alfa Romeo Giulia
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Driving a classic Alfa Romeo Giulia. Then you know: this is fun, it's a party. Alfist Durk Tinga makes the Giulia 1300 Super from that other pure Alfist, Frans de Groot, dance. He does the three pedals simultaneously trick and plays with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, with respect. The pleasure is great, the fun is unparalleled, the enthusiasm unprecedented, and my anticipation grows, because I know what is coming. Photos, and after this I can take over the wheel. Delicious.

You don't have to explain anything to the true enthusiast about an Alfa Romeo Giulia. And yet I do it. Here we go. Everything is right about the design. Each screw is mounted with love, the proportions are correct, the elegance and the sportiness are brought together by height, length and width to become one of the most beautiful sedans in history. And oh, oh: how spacious the interior also shows a fine example of balance. Not too much was enough for Alfa Romeo to have everything you touch and see anchored in memory forever. The steering wheel alone. The gauges with Italian designation, the inward-looking poker, the switches in front, the inscription Giulia Super on the dashboard: they are just a few delights in the sport sedan, delights that are designed with love in everything.

Internationally purified copy

Every detail is sublime, and Frans de Groot made the Alfa Romeo Giulia a true character. Take the boulder catcher in Italian colors. Take the Cromodora rims, light metal in the most literal sense of the word. Take all the evidence that has been united over the years with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and that show that this purebred horse stood many males internationally. Without much technical calamity. “The clutch dropped out in Germany once, then I replaced all hydraulically operated mechanics. Yes. And replace the fluids, perform regular maintenance. That makes sense, "says Frans, who reveals the secret of the purity that the Giulia sprayed in Beige Cava carries with it.

Driving characteristics? Unfiltered driving pleasure!

This purity is evident while driving. Curves, stretches straight ahead, back roads: the Alfa Romeo Giulia turns its hand for nothing. And everything is accurate eh, everything is accurate. The long lever can be operated surprisingly firmly, the brakes, the clutch, it feels so decisive. So does the lively controls. Unfiltered, quite direct: those are the reactions that a movement of the large steering wheel produces. Suspension and damping: firm, but not hard, pleasantly sporty. Take a corner at speed? The Alfa Romeo Giulia is faithful to the asphalt and leans slightly. And that contributes to the driver's feeling, without having to brace yourself in the comfortable furniture. It is her way of being sharp on the edge, always keeping the right side.

Potent engine, fine transmission

Het Supertje, as the lifelong Alfa fan and owner calls his Giulia affectionate, seems small motorized. However, an 1300 Nord in a Giulia Super means nothing less than a potent harbinger of much more in the historic Alfa program. Announced by that beautiful resounding sound, that irresistible hum. The presence of 87 PK, two Dell'Orto carburetors, DOHC nice proportions in the five-speed gearbox, the first two being nice and short: nice credentials. And a top of 170 per hour was also a solid value in the year of 1971. And another thing: this effortlessly goes along with everyday traffic.

Always loved, even during the last years of construction

At the end of the seventies, during the last years of construction of the model (the Nuova era had already arrived at that time), the Alfa Romeo Giulia was still the most coveted new car available in the Netherlands. You notice while driving in this' 71-er why the Giulia seven, eight years later was still so loved. The Alfa remained worthy with its high passenger compartment, its low cut at the front, that rustic rear. The relatively low Cw value explains a lot about the beautiful lines that remain so wonderfully classic, and are enhanced by the panoramic rear window. The drawing that unites with love with amazingly good technology and construction protects with love, the row characteristic: this is so beautiful, so pure.

Justification for car love: the Giulia

Riding a Giulia 1300 Super. An hour, a day, five minutes, or twenty years. It does something to you, it releases a zing in you that comes up from the deepest caves. This is one of the most tangible proofs that justify the existence of car love. This is pure car happiness that expresses itself in twinkling eyes and a blissful smile. The way Durk Tinga and I have it. Because we drive and play with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Good. For those who still want a touch of contemporary pragmatics, then move on. This Giulia is from 1971. Largely original. Spacious, beautiful performance, good all-round visibility, great seating. No cracking. No rattle. No rickety. No hesitation whatsoever. Confident service. Hangs wonderfully on the gas. Excellent and finely polished body rigidity. Securely closing doors. This Alfa Romeo fits well, is very well put together. Denying makes no sense, really not.

With many thanks to Frans de Groot and Durk Tinga.

You can read much more about this Alfa Romeo Giulia and its owner in one of the upcoming AMK editions.


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  1. The name Frans de Groot …… inextricably linked to Alfa Romeo.
    If someone in the Netherlands has Alpha blood in his veins, then this man!
    Worked for years at the oldest Alfa dealer in the Netherlands

  2. I worked as a mechanic for an Alfa dealer in the seventees.
    So know them well.
    Just like the Alfasud, the GTV, Gulietta and the Spider.
    Very nice cars

  3. I had to smile. You really love this Alfa. Almost physically. Magnificent. It has been awarded to you. I don't have that with a single car, yet.
    I am happy to wait for that coming AMK.

    • The way the butt shakes when you make a corner, the way the lever enters the interior, those beautiful clocks and switches around you, that delicious sound of the roar pipe that makes the car sound like there are many more CCs under the hood than the 1300 they are… ..

      This, together with the Spider that I have ever had the privilege of owning, is one of the few cars that I remember with melancholy… ..

      I had a '76er Nuova Super 1300 with which I drove almost without any problems every day for more than 2 years ...
      The only thing that ever broke was with me idd. also the hydraulic coupling (giver).

      Furthermore, I have 2 times new contacts and distributor / cables / spark plugs replaced and he has always done it prime!

      There was a curve to the left with a small bump in the dike that I always drove home with….
      I did not drive faster than a speed or 50, but invariably went from 3 to 2 and then lightly pressed the accelerator….

      Then he went loudly roaring, very controlled ffies 'right-angled', then enjoying with me with a BiggSmile sitting behind the wheel from ear to ear….

      Father got a Berlina 2000 at that time, I secretly dreamed of throwing that engine (& the rear axle) in my Giulia….?

      Gosh…. How I miss that car !!

      If I ever get the chance again, I'll be dating a Julia for life!

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