Nice old is not ugly! Rustlook makes your perfect Ratlook. Patina and / or rust effect for your ratrod, car, motorcycle, furniture etc.
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Why does a car always have to look like it's coming from the showroom? Months of restoration, on the road and then the misery begins: parking dents, scratches, envy etc. You are now afraid to go on the road with it. Let your car live! Make him look like he lived and got his own character. Don't worry anymore about his expensive layer of lacquer, but make something personal of it. A unique car of yours. Technically in order but the appearance of a delicious ratrod. We make your car in the color and look that you want. Weathered, patina or a real rust effect, whether it is a fat American or a Ford Ka, it always looks cool. Racy, rust, tired, together we work out your idea and in our hall the car is transformed in no time.

THE ORIGINAL PAINT STAYS INTACT. The only thing we do is sand very lightly (for better adhesion) and apply thin acrylic paint layers for a weathered, patina or rust effect.

After processing, the trolley can optionally be provided with a strong water-resistant protective layer. You can also contact us for your motorcycle. You don't have to worry about the price: it varies, depending on the size and wishes, we can offer from Eur. 200,- ex. VAT (for a petrol tank) and Eur. 700,- ex. BTW (for a small car) making something very "rotten". So for a real rat look on your rat look car, motorcycle, scooter, but also for your furniture, you can contact us.

For more information just call or email: call 06-21253561 or mail to

Kind regards, Frans Mandigers / Rustlook

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