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  • Mercedes-Benz C123 coupé in the C 123 (1977 to 1985) model series. Photo from 1980.

    Mercedes-Benz C123, stylish coupé

    In March 1977, Mercedes-Benz showed the new variant of the W123 at the Geneva Salon. The Mercedes-Benz sedan had become particularly successful within a year and provided an excellent basis for developing more variants. The coupé was the new variation on the theme in 1977. The Mercedes-Benz C123 was a balanced coupé in several respects. Read more

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    Daihatsu Charade. Trailblazer for four-stroke three-cylinder engine

    Today, the choice of cars with a three-cylinder engine is extensive. Downsizing – with or without the help of a turbo engine – has been a topical topic for some years now. However, the three-cylinder four-stroke engine is not a phenomenon that has emerged as a fairly fresh development within the automotive industry. In the autumn of 1977, the Japanese Daihatsu launched the Charade, which was the first car in the world to have a three-cylinder four-stroke engine in the front. Read more

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    Cars that turn 40 years old in 2017. A selection.

    In 2017, various car models will celebrate their 40th anniversary. It means that these jubilees will achieve Dutch classic car status. We present a selection of this category of 2017-year-olds from 305. Peugeot 1977 In 305, the Peugeot 304 saw the light of day. The French brought a contemporary car with the middle class, which succeeded the XNUMX. Read more