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  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic 1200 Hondamatic – impression

    "What is that?" It is the question that the road worker asks his colleague when we pass the gentlemen. The question invades the interior. Grab it 25 years ago this would never have been asked. Because then the first-generation Honda Civic – facelifted or not – was still Read more

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    Half a century young. The New Cars of 1972. Part One

    A new year has arrived. That means a number of important cars are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. And 1972 brought many new car models. Traditionally, we put a number of newcomers from the past in the spotlight. Today we present part one. And in it we highlight the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, the Honda Civic, the Renault Read more

  • 1973 Honda Civic

    Honda Civic. Supermini from Japan.

    In the first half of the 1970s, the Japanese automotive industry was on the rise in Europe. The established order on our continent became increasingly competitive. One of the Japanese manufacturers who responded to the European market potential of those years was Honda. After a modest start with the 600 and 800 types, the Japanese surprised with the front-wheel drive Honda Civic, a dynamic and compact response to the increasing traffic intensity. Read more

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    Alfa Romeo 33. Shimmer on a key ring

    Recently I spoke to an acquaintance. Late forties. The conversation turned into a deja vu. I had done it once before. That was about five years ago. Once, years ago, he drove an Alfa Romeo 33 1.7. A Quadrifoglio Verde. He still has the key ring. He spoke Read more