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    Inter Classics Maastricht pays tribute to Facel Vega

    InterClassics Maastricht, in collaboration with Amicale Facel Holland and Classic Job, pays tribute to the special brand Facel Vega. Facel was a French car manufacturer headed by Jean Daninos. The first Facel was introduced in 1954 at the Paris Auto Show. Today, the Facel Vegas are cherished by car enthusiasts all over More

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    70 year Ferrari main theme at 24e edition Interclassics Maastricht

    The history of Ferrari is the main theme of the 24th edition of InterClassics Maastricht. In collaboration with Ferrari Club Nederland, the glorious history is shown on the theme pavilion by means of more than 20 Ferraris. The main attraction in Limburg - 70 years of Ferrari - promises to be an appealing theme during the fair. InterClassics More