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  • Things worth knowing
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    Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing about old-timers that you probably didn't know: In a road test that once appeared about the MG MGC, an author probably wasn't having his day and the powerhouse slammed to the bone. After that, every next 'road tester' didn't like it at all. Such a thing would not brake and only excessive More

  • An abandoned Lancia Gamm

    A bunch of intact Lancia's

    The photo shows a Lancia Gamma as it was most common: Abandoned and rusted. Fortunately, not all Lancias ended so badly… While it looks like the sellers of woolen hats and warm sausages will do best on King's Day, we go in AMK number More

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    These new 1976 cars will be forty this year

    The new year is now a few days away. This fact offers us a good opportunity to list a number of important new models from 1976. The jubilees will be an oldtimer in our country in 2016. The production start of perhaps the most important car in the history of the premium More