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  • Hellendoorn, map reading drive

    Card reading competition Auto Sport Vereniging Hellendoorn

    On Tuesday evening 2 February, ASVH is organizing another card reading competition for car and card reading enthusiasts in the region.

    The first ride of the ASVH Card Reading Championship 2016 is the "HEMA Stamppotten ride" and is therefore the beginning of the monthly card reading games at the ASVH after the winter break.

    This time the “Arrow Ride” card reading system is applied: The full rules for the card reading competition can be found on the website of the ASVH:

    Participation is open to everyone. The costs are only 5 euros per crew. If you want to participate in the club championship then an ASVH membership is required.
    The ride is driven in the Hellendoorn area. In order to participate, no special car is required, only lighting in the car, a magnifying glass, a pen and a ruler are enough. We start in three classes with the experienced card readers in the A class and the other participants in the B and C class.

    Registration is possible from 19.30 hours on the start and finish location restaurant "De Kroon" on the Dorpstraat in Hellendoorn. Starting at 20.00 hours, the first cars are expected to return around 21.30 hours. More