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  • Mercedes Benz 240D 3.0

    Mercedes-Benz 240D 3.0 – drive with a smile

    At the time, it was considered the fastest diesel passenger car in the world. A top speed of 148 km/h and a time span of 19,9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h were sufficient for that qualification. More importantly, the Mercedes-Benz 240D 3.0 was the first passenger car in the world to have a five-cylinder diesel engine. More

  • Mercedes Benz W114/W115

    Mercedes Benz W114/W115.

    When it comes to body design, it fits perfectly into the line that Mercedes-Benz started in the mid-108s with the W109 and W110 models. At the same time, this car is a worthy successor to the W8 Baureihe. The Strich 1967 is actually born in December 1968. However, the official launch takes place in XNUMX. How More

  • Jaguar XJ
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    The exciting car year 1968. Part two.

    Last week we presented the first part of our selection of cars from 1968, which will see Abraham in 2018. In the year that was revolutionary in many ways, more newcomers came into the picture. Also this week we will put a number of jubilees from 1968 in the picture. Special cars, which will be introduced in that exciting car year More