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  • Book, square gaz

    Worth the search

    comic book, with hard cover 'Plein Gaz - 100 ans d'automobiles francaises dans la bande dessinee' or: 100 years of French cars in comics….

  • Carbeau, strip

    Berli, a new strip babe

    Autoweek gave Stripschapprijswinner Eric Heuvel the opportunity last year to produce a weekly follow-up story for the car magazine. Unfortunately a rarity in stripland. More

  • Herge, Sunflower, 2CV

    The Sunflower Affair

    We have discussed this before: classic cars (and motorbikes) in comics. They can be sketchy or lovingly detailed.

    In the Tintin series, The Sunflower affair (L'Affaire Tournesol) was released as the eighteenth album in 1965. A new Dutch translation was published in 1984. More

  • Rik Ringers in a Facel Vega

    A Facel on the cover

    Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet) is a detective comic series about the eponymous main character of screenwriter André-Paul Duchâteau and draftsman Tibet (Gilbert Gascard). The core of almost all episodes is a (often supernatural) crime and the related reason for crime reporter Rik Ringers to investigate the mystery. He is assisted in this by Commissioner Baardemakers More