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Volvo P1800 (1964)

Volvo P 1800 (1964). Pieter Postma's car

Beautiful women, ugly crooks, fast cars and dangerous adventures. The elderly, feeling young, still know Simon Templar (aka The Saint) (Roger Moore) as a charming adventurer and charmer, who drove a Volvo 1800S. This popular TV series certainly contributed to the success of that model. This Swedish sports car, a Volvo P 1800, also received star status. 
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Volvo P 1800

Volvo P 1800 from Jan Venema

If you stand in front of this stylish Volvo P 1800, you can think back to a day (1963) when this very nice copy was picked up at the dealer. Later in the street the family and the enthusiastic neighbors enjoy the beautiful blue paint. The nice smelling upholstery. The brand new tires and the sparkling chrome, a feast for all senses.