1992: The Honda CB550 as a reasonably affordable occasion.

Honda CB550
An almost perfect survivor
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The Honda CB550 (1976-1979) as a used engine

The Honda CB550 SOHC, which has since been recognized as a classic, was once just a used engine. And once there were also 'occasion' tests for the budget-less wealthy. These were then bundled again because there was no Internet yet. In a church bazaar we found 'Used motorbikes'. From 1992 And we made an acquaintance happy with it who is currently restoring his Honda CB550.

The Honda CB550. A cheap middle class

A quote: "For someone who is in the price range under the hfl. If 3.500 is looking for a good engine, consider buying a Honda CB550 ”. Of course we immediately recognize the hasty final editing. "Although the machine is now well off in age, a well-maintained unit is still good for a good dose of driving pleasure" We write 1992.

He can get along well in traffic

In 1992, such a Honda CB550 could still keep up with the traffic. In addition, such a four-pitter ran approximately 1 on 16. The sitting position was found to be in order, just like the suspension. Despite the fact that people in 1992 were much closer to nature and often do heavy physical work, the required pinching force for the front brake was experienced as great. The delay was - in combination with the rear brake - correct again.

In 1979 the curtain for the Honda CB550 had fallen. And that is now 39 years ago. That is about the average age of our digital readers. So many have been made that beautiful specimens are still popping up. But many of the Honda CB550s left us worn out after a long life. In recent years, many reasonably tidy specimens without skin respect for preserving the originality have been converted into café racers.

For us, classic enthusiasts, they are also lost. So if we find one, we have to pay attention to the originality and completeness of the machine. In addition, the presence of a good, original exhaust system is numero uno. Rattling the camshaft chain is also a thing. If the adjustment options are over, then at least a new chain tensioner is needed.

Also check if oil sweat at the cylinder foot and head. Assume that the engine recovers from fresh oil in the fork legs and new front fork seals. , preferably also invest in fresh ball head and rear fork bearings. Oh yes: when replacing the oil filter, make sure you do not forget the pressure spring.

On a terrace ...

All in all, such a Honda CB550 is a fun, usable and affordable classic. A motorcycle that you board on Friday afternoon to sit in the Ardennes in the evening or watch the park landscape of the Ruhr area satisfied from a terrace. Just like the other terrace seating, they do not look blindly at the screens of their smartphones. And whether Halbe is also sitting on that terrace?

The price development

The Honda CB550s are taking part in the popularity of the Honda single knuckles. Where in classics he was first seen as a rather uninteresting successor to The Original, the CB500F, he now gets his credits. In 1992 the price idea for a perfect copy was such a hfl. 3.000. And that amount is now the average asking price in euros for a reasonable to good copy. Really nice copies quickly cost € 4.500. Absolute toppers are sporadically offered for amounts around the € 6.500. And that is serious money.

There are even companies that focus on these four cylinders, such as De Blauwe Plaat, 

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  1. Well the prices are really not a bargain for a good reasonably original copy. Not even with the blue plate. I have found these engines quite pricey for years.

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