33e edition of National Oldtimerdag Lelystad on 18 June

National Oldtimer Day Lelystad
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The 18rd edition of the National Old-timer Day Lelystad will take place on 33 June. It is expected that 400 old-timers will make their appearance on Bataviaboulevard between Bataviahaven and Batavia Stad. The event has become the largest of its kind in our country. It is free of charge for both participants and the public. In addition to the automobiles, which are classified in the FIVA classes A (until 1904) to F (1961-1970), there is more. The organization offers space for an additional program of viewing objects, performances, the automobilia market and cozy restaurants. And has a number of beautiful themes in store.

The 33e edition of the National Oldtimerdag Lelystad cannot be seen in isolation from the fact that the capital of Flevoland exists 50 year. The organization therefore pays attention to the street scene in the Lelystad of 1967. Including the Volkswagen T1, the NSU RO 80 ('Car of the Year'), the Citroën Ami 6, the Opel Kapitän and the Borgward Isabella Coupé will liven up the historic automobile glory of the then brand new residential area in Flevoland. In addition, a Volkswagen Politiekever (State Police), a fire truck of the then Public Body Southern IJsselmeer polders and a Cadillac Fleetwood Ambulance are present in 'the street of then'.

Much more to see

And there is much more to see in the polder. In Lelystad, the 115 anniversary of Cadillac is being considered. In addition, very rare specimens from the Belle Epoque will make their appearance. And the Lagonda, which won the Mille Miglia in 1937, is also present in Lelystad, as well as numerous other unique cars from (distant) history.


The National Old-timer Day has well-deserved winners every year in every age group - classified according to the categories used by both the FEHAC and FIVA. Those winners are brought together in the Master Class. If a winning automobile from previous years registers, it will be classified by the organization in the Master Class. And that has been expanded considerably in recent years with beautiful historic cars. The Bentley Continental R Fastback Mulliner Coupé 1952 is such an example. Various pre-war cars are also part of this impressive collection. And that is a collection that is well worth viewing.

Winners to Paleis Het Loo

The organization calls it the crème de la crème from the automotive history. Until now, the winners per age class of gold, silver and bronze were promoted to that top class. From 2016 onwards, however, this only applies to the winners of the first prize per age class. The cars that have been part of the Master Class so far keep their status. And the winners are probably also visible at the Concours d'Elegance, which will be held at 1 and 2 July at Paleis Het Loo.

Event arrangement

Back to Lelystad: the Tax Authorities have approved the event for tax purposes event arrangement. It means that historic vehicles suspended for motor vehicle tax can participate in the event. The trip to and from the event is included in the calculation of the number of days that the scheme is used. The organization has indicated that it can pass on to the Tax Authorities the names of the participants (and the registration number of their vehicle) who wish to make use of the scheme up to one working day before the event.

You can read more about this wonderful event on the website of the National Oldtimerdag Lelystad.

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  1. And then get it done, that they are tax free again.
    Just like the surrounding countries.
    It must then be arranged from Brussels.


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