BMW 320i coupe (1992) by Joost. Optimal driving pleasure.

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When you see the photos, you are overcome by a deep sense of admiration. For enthusiasts who feel the attraction with the 80s/90s, this BMW 320i coupé from 1992 in concours condition will certainly evoke nostalgic feelings. We all have a tendency to find everything beautiful from the time of our youth, don't we? 

By: Dirk de Jong 

For Joost, his love for cars already started at the go-kart age. He remembers hearing the distinctive sound when a BMW pulled into the street. He enjoys reminiscing and still enjoys it. Many moments – at the beginning of the car love – have been saved. In his go-kart he imagined himself in a fast six-cylinder BMW. In middle age, love began to take shape and soon the first BMW Coupé was purchased, in which it is fair to say that more BMWs were briefly owned. What appeals to Joost the most are the coupé variants. Unfortunately, this type is hardly built today. 

Beauty and history

The beautiful BMW 320i coupé was built on 11/92 and is now almost 30 years old. The BMW was delivered by Hans Koster – the well-known face of BMW in Hilversum. He was a highly regarded BMW driver at Zandvoort in the 60s. The buyer was the wife of a wealthy entrepreneur in the clothing industry, who owned the car for many years. 

A BMW that matters

The BMW 320i coupe is new from bumper to bumper. But of course a lot has been invested over the years to keep it optimal in terms of technology and appearance. At a certain point, it turned out that an overhaul had to be carried out on the machine, given the costs no sinecure. Joost therefore decided to install a manual gearbox, which greatly reduced costs. In addition, in recent years there have been many more extensions such as an original radio, fog lamps and the cabling of the seat heating. In addition, a beautiful interior came from Belgium and some minor technical adjustments, such as a new starter motor, a complete cardan overhaul and the reupholstering of the 'heaven'. Looking for parts often meant meeting interesting people in very remarkable places. Fortunately, Joost was also able to draw on leftovers from BMW dealers. Joost has the proposition: “What you put in with love, you get back.” 

Beautiful things in life

When we saw the BMW 320i coupé, we could imagine how Joost looked just as shiny as the BMW after his intensive cleaning. Which words can Joost still confide in on paper? 

Joost: “Of course I can't compare my BMW with today's BMW. Technology has made great strides in those 30 years. For me it's about the character and the emotion of this youngtimer. The new is therefore not necessary for me. After 400.000 km, the BMW does not use a drop of oil, on our trips through Europe it still hangs wonderfully on the gas.” 

Away from the everyday

Joost: “These trips often have a hobbyist tinge, because we like to visit car museums throughout Europe and of course race circuits and – how could it be otherwise – the BMW Museum in Munich. I am a combination of mechanic and cleaner, but I also take care of perfect maintenance at the bottom. That is sometimes forgotten by many enthusiasts. The six-cylinder engine runs like a charm. When the engine is running, the coin remains on its side on the valve cover.” Talk about quality! 


We appreciate his approach that gives meaning to his (car) life. The real 'drivers' car still gives him shivers of pleasure. Can you discover the satisfaction and joy of owning BMW at Joost? 

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  1. My BMW 320 coupe also dates from 1992.
    Hassle-free 255000 km to date without oil consumption.
    Has ridden 3 heavy Carbager runs, even as far as Ukraine.

  2. Beautiful and nice cars, I had a 318 tds, 320i and an M3 of them, of which the 320 was the nicest car I've ever had (and there are quite a few: E36 318 tds sedan, E36 320i coupe, E46 323i sedan, E36 M3 coupe E39 520i sedan, E46 330i coupe, E46 330i sedan and an E30 318 touring the last 2 I still have and those are only the BMWs). I've had the most fun with the M3.

  3. Mine had less than a year, it was a very nice car with a fantastic sound of the 6 cylinder. But as a student a bit too expensive. This one didn't live long after me unfortunately...

    BMW 320i coupe (1992) by Joost. Optimal driving pleasure.

  4. Always liked E36, and sold a lot of them. There are still so many in daily traffic here, ditto for the E28 and the E30. Those three types are certainly well maintained
    and are now old enough to wear a “Collector Plate”. It is the only place in Canada where they survive for a long time because of the relatively mild climate and little salt on the road. The E36 coupe are (or were) 1 of the few cars that were beautiful from the factory. Thank god it has never been messed with from the factory. Wash right the first time, masterful design. Have fun Joost.

    BMW 320i coupe (1992) by Joost. Optimal driving pleasure.

  5. Have also driven this model for years (two liter, six cylinder, manual five-speed), bought it for 2000 € with 200000 km and drove it for seven years without any problems up to 300000 km, then it was really gone, rear axle was torn loose from chassis in several places . Engine was still tip top though…

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