This is what the transitional arrangement in adopted law for old-timers looks like

Together with the old-timer alliance, the Ministry of Finance developed the new MRB exemption scheme for old-timers
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Last night, the Senate agreed to the 2014 Tax Plan and thus to the new tax rules for vintage cars. There appears to be much uncertainty about the transitional arrangement. In this message we present the substantive consequences that result from the decision taken last night.

All motor vehicles from the age of 40 exempt
From 1 January 2014 all motor vehicles of 40 years and older are exempt from motor vehiclestax (MRB). In addition, there will be a transitional arrangement for passenger cars and delivery vans running on petrol, motorcycles, buses and trucks, which are 1 or older on 2014 January 26 but not yet an 40 year.


Together with the old-timer alliance, the Ministry of Finance developed the new MRB exemption scheme for old-timers
Together with the old-timer alliance, the Ministry of Finance developed the new MRB exemption scheme for old-timers

Quarterly rate
Vehicles that fall under the transitional arrangement are eligible for a quarterly rate. The quarterly rate applies to an entire calendar year with a maximum of € 120. The condition is, however, that public roads are not used in January, February and December. The holder of the vehicle can inform the Tax Authorities each year in the fourth quarter whether he opts for the transitional arrangement in the coming calendar year. The application and payment must be made before 1 January.

Transitional arrangement: entry into force of 1 January 2014
The transitional arrangement will take effect on January 1. To be able to make use of this scheme in 2014, the vehicle holder therefore receives a letter at the beginning of 2014 and is given time to make a choice until 2014 March 1. In the months of January and February 2014 the road can be used as normal.



If the transitional arrangement is applied for a vehicle and the vehicle is still being driven or if the vehicle is nevertheless parked on public roads in January, February and December, the holder of the vehicle still owes the normal MRB for the entire calendar year plus a substantial absence penalty .

Diesel and LPG only exempt from 40 years
Passenger cars and delivery vans with diesel or LPG of 26 years and older, but who are not yet 40 years old, are not eligible for the transitional arrangement. The First Chamber fraction of the PVV still submitted the Motion of Strien. It requested that the diesel and LPG cars be covered by the approved transitional arrangement. That motion was rejected.


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  1. Sat on the way, for years everyone has abused the scheme by driving an old-timer to work. it may have taken a long time. but now honestly say 120 euros a year ... and what should a hobby driver with a diesel or LPG car. a real enthusiast does not want LPG. and really nice diesels…. were always baking animals and workhorses. I know that I am going to receive comments, but yes it is in reality. on TV they were demonstrating and the cars were on a field… .. I only saw those demolition Americans (square lofts and vans). The real enthusiast has 120 euros left or throws out the LPG.
    and smelly Mercedes. you can no longer call that hobby cars.

  2. Now let's close the tunnels around the big cities with all the old-timers in the Netherlands for a few days, they do in France too. Those bastards in The Hague can easily spend 18.000 euros a month. Rutte with his old fuck Saab can afford it

  3. And who ruined it again? was also already with the gray license plate, yes I also understand that we hard working Dutch people were not so awake were smarter etc, ……………. the SUKKELS IN THE HAGUE It's about time that some unity was formed, everyone lives on their own island nowadays.

  4. Why tax-free, drive to work every day with that stink box, I also have to pay taxes.
    Only I think there is a difference for those who only use it for hobby and work traffic.
    I know several who go to work with it every day and that is not a hobby for me, so pay taxes ... ..

  5. Did you expect anything different from this, grab politics the same thing happened a few years ago with the gray license plate for private individuals, also abolished from today to tomorrow, you will get that if you vote VVD and PVDA I wonder when the Netherlands will wake up and sends these pocket-fillers out of the lane in The Hague, I hope I still experience it.

  6. It is all ridiculous, but biks are also being done about it, we are all afraid of our jobs, shut down the whole of the hedge for a day or a week, we Dutch do not do enough about it, so they all get away with it
    I say come on with them all we can REALLY make a difference

  7. The next step is that there will be an extra charge on the use of wooden shoes, and if you enjoy your work then there will probably be an addition because you benefit from it privately! The Netherlands is doing well

  8. had a very nice benz 200D in absolute new condition, when they talked about this transitional arrangement (except diesels) I sold it for an amount of 1500 (valuation value 7500) for that money I bought a 96 Russian lada (2107 ) if I then have to pay…. further as 2nd and 3rd car two CV6 from 81 and 83, these cost me at most 3 euros per month… so if you still want to be cheap…

  9. Well, suspension will still have to be possible if only for the MOT, suppose the car must be inspected in August, but in July the engine is in the soup and you can quickly arrange another block.

  10. you pay 25% for 75% of the time, so a third.
    Since you are still allowed to drive in January and February in 2014, if you also want to drive in December, you have to pay extra 4x as much for that one month.

  11. Your car in the transitional arrangement MUST be insured and have a valid MOT, even if it has been in the storage facility for 3 months! You also cannot suspend the car in the transitional arrangement.

  12. Does the car still have to be insured in the months of December, January and February while you are not using the vehicle or the road network?
    I am really curious about that! I have also suspended my camper and now I will only drive during the construction holiday …… and insure it. I now have three projects that are no longer worth any shit… .. delicious!

  13. Rats, think they are already getting enough MRB on the hybrid vehicles and the Zg. 'efficient diesels' that will also be introduced by 1-1. but you don't hear anyone about that: p

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