A wonderful event during the Easter weekend: Klassieker Drachten

Classic Drachten
ER Classics Desktop 2022

We have been there from the very first edition, and the fourth edition is coming: Klassieker Drachten opens the gates during the Easter weekend. From 20 to 22 April, the Frisian Congress Center is filled with everything that the world of classic cars and other motorized transport has to offer. Various fixed values ​​make their appearance in Drachten, and yet this exhibition is also becoming different than usual. It is getting bigger and better, that is how we can now say with all our hands.

Organizer Sjouke Bosma now calls the exhibition Classic "XL" Drachten. That can only mean one thing: the stock market is again growing in size and supply. In the meantime, Klassieker XL has an exhibition area of ​​13000 square meters, which is partly due to the construction of an extra hall, which is good for 1200 square meters of floor space. In this way there is more to see than the regular visitors have been used to in the past three years.

Specific cult house style

Classic Drachten has developed a very specific house style in recent years, within which there is room for a unique range in all areas. In addition, barbershops, food truck owners, clothing sellers, specific variations on classic themes (Lilypad Speedshop), the new Easter Brush Bash theme (pin striping, custom art, future relics) and a wonderful club such as the Veteran Motor Club add another pleasant cult edge this year. to the event. And that usually has a good and balanced range of cars, motorbikes, automobilia, parts, books and miniatures.

Show Paddock and Classic Rally for classic owners

Just like in recent years, private classic owners can use the (again enlarged) show paddock. For this they receive a reduced rate (€ 2, - discount on the already competitive entrance price) and the possibility to participate in the Classic Rally, which is organized by Business Rally Events, naturally in collaboration with Sjouke Bosma and his people. Anyone taking part in the show paddock may ride the rally that takes place in and around Drachten free of charge and that is driven according to the bol arrow system. The rally lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Large and diverse offer, small entrance fee

Too many to mention? Yes, you would almost say so. But in keeping with the still fresh tradition, there is also a modest element that makes this authentic and ever-increasing event accessible and sympathetic. The entrance fee for the exhibition, which is open three days from 10.00 hours to 17.00 hours, is only € 8, and children up to 12 years can even enter for free. Anyway: the enthusiast of a very own atmosphere and a very nice offer (from home and abroad) must go to Drachten. Whoever makes that choice will experience a very pure and contemporary classic feeling.

More information and photos of the previous editions can be found on the website of Classic Drachten


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