A historical dive into the world of automobilia: The Automobilia-Ladenburg auction

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A treasure trove of collectibles

On December 1 and 2, 2023, every day from 10 a.m., the Dr. Carl Benz Automuseum in Ladenburg at Ilvesheimer Straße 26 opens its doors to one of the most anticipated events in the world of automobilia. Led by auctioneer Marcel Seidel, this auction promises a breathtaking collection of almost 2500 unique items. From historical documents to rare collectibles, this auction is a must-see for any classic and automobilia enthusiast. The diversity and rarity of the pieces offered underline the unique nature of this auction, making it a historic event in the world of classic vehicles.

Highlights of the auction

The auction shows off some of the most coveted items in the world of automobilia. A notable collection is that of Manrico Zanuso, who is offering his Lamborghini Automobilia collection for sale. This collection is a dream for every Lamborghini enthusiast and offers a rare insight into the history of this iconic car brand. Another impressive piece is the legacy of Carl Hahn Junior, which reflects the rich history of the automotive industry.

One of the highlights of the auction is Jean Alesi's original helmet, used during the Mercedes-Benz AMG DTM in 2004. With a starting price of €2.000, this helmet is not only a piece of racing nostalgia, but also a valuable collector's item, given its authenticity and historical value.

Rare documents and personal effects

The auction also includes unique documents that provide unprecedented insight into the history of some of the most iconic figures and car brands. A letter from Enzo Ferrari from 1958, addressed to François Ferrario, is a fascinating piece that highlights the business side of Ferrari. In addition, there is a rare letter from Enzo Ferrari to Graf Berghe von Trips and Huschke von Hanstein from 1957, an invaluable document for Ferrari enthusiasts.

The legacy of Günter Prior

A particularly interesting lot is the estate of Günter Prior, Karl Dönitz's personal driver. This lot includes not only a logbook of the armored Mercedes-Benz 770 “Großer Mercedes”, but also various personal documents and a handwritten letter from Dönitz to Prior. These items provide a unique insight into the personal and professional life of one of the most prominent figures in German history.

Rare engine parts and technical drawings

For technically oriented enthusiasts, the auction presents some rare engine parts and technical drawings. These items include the original engine block of a Porsche 911 S/T 2.5 Liter and a magnesium engine housing for Porsche Typ 771. There are also sketches and calculations by Ettore Bugatti from the period 1936-1947. These items offer a unique look at the technical expertise and innovative spirit of these legendary automotive designers.

An opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts

This auction is not only an opportunity to acquire rare and unique pieces, but also offers an unprecedented glimpse into the rich history of the automotive industry. It promises to be an event where collectors and enthusiasts of classic cars and automobilia come together to bid on pieces that rarely come onto the market. The Ladenburg auction is not only a commercial event, but also a celebration of the history and heritage of the automotive industry.

Closing and visiting information

For more information about these and other lots, visit the Automobilia-Ladenburg website. The auction offers a unique opportunity to be part of a historic moment in the world of classic cars and automobilia.


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