Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 (1985) by Johan. It Alfaheart speaks.

Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 (1985) by Johan. It Alfaheart speaks.

Johan's car life resembles a marathon without a finish. Is it nostalgia or romance? Because sympathy for the illustrious Italian brand is simply too mild. Now that he realizes – because of his senior status – that the hobby has to be phased out, there is another characterful car in his garage next to the hobby car. A Alfa Romeo 159 SW available as a family car. The basis of his passion for Alfa Romeo is the design, engineering and driving characteristics. As in the case of his Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 from 1985.

By: Dirk de Jong 

It all started for Johan with the purchase of a moped in his youth, after which a few Minis passed in review. He just got caught by Alfa after he was allowed a ride in his colleague's car: a Alfa Romeo Julia. Over the course of 50 years, he has all types Alfa owned Romeo. That his heart still beats faster with the Italian beauties is also evident from his collection of automobilia: Leaflets, car models, parts books and original tools for tinkering, which he had purchased from the curator of a bankrupt company. Alfa dealer. Parts were also partly obtained by demolishing two Giulias.


Are you surprised that he is one of the founders of the Association of Alfa Romeo lovers? That he visited fairs in Italy and made long journeys with his character Alfaall over Europe? 

Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

Johan: “I have owned this car for 19 years now. Originally came the Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 from America. He was really in a dramatic state. However, the body and chassis were hard as steel and to this day the car has never been welded. The enthusiasm to solve the problems myself is my greatest pleasure. The biggest problem was that the wiring harness had burned out due to a wrong connection of the battery. During a burglary, the soft top was cut to pieces, the windshield was broken, actually a pure one Alfa with significant damage. I sometimes compare my car hobby to a marriage. Sometimes things go very well and sometimes you have setbacks, but you always feel the enthusiasm to do better. I am not Alfa owner with clean hands. Tinkering was my greatest pleasure and besides, it is with Alfa always: 'Freude am fahren!'”

Enthusiastic about the Alfa hobby

This story shows once again how much fun you can have with a classic. Johan keeps the heritage on the road moving, young and old show their smile! You make their day and they make your day. And as enthusiasts we see the value of that. 

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  1. Own one too! Year of construction 1983. Color azure blue green, Edition Limited. As you describe, every now and then tinker with the Spider, but… afterwards a lot of driving pleasure.

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