Bestseller of Ottomobile models. The VW Beetle Oettinger.

 During its career, the Volkswagen Beetle was suitable for performance-enhancing interventions. Certainly in the seventies there was a close triangular relationship that was filled in by tuning, Volkswagen and Oettinger. The tuner from Hockenheim was able to maintain the Beetle character with subtle interventions and at the same time give it considerably more potential. However, a specific Oettinger Beetle was never included in the VW program.

Special edition for Germany

That changed to 1983. At the request of various beetle drivers, Volkswagen decided to build a Sonderedition. The Mexico Beetle with 1200 cc engine served as the basis. And Oettinger was asked to develop a more peppery version. That was spent on Volkswagen's home tuner. Oettinger set to work and replaced the standard 1200 cc engine with an 1300 cc injection engine. The power increased from 25 KW to 38 KW, or from 34 PK to 51 PK. It resulted in a top speed of 153 kilometers per hour.

Not only motor specifications adjusted

The tuners from Hockenheim not only adjusted the motor specifications. De Kever was fitted with the 5.5 rims, instead of the usual 4.5 rims. The wheels got a gold color and an orange trim in the flanks. The bumpers painted in matte black were given a golden center section. Furthermore, the chassis was lowered by 60 millimeters and the beetle got a spoiler under the front bumper. The interior has a four-spoke steering wheel and an oil temperature gauge. And the Keverkoets were painted in dark anthracite. The whole gave the Beetle a peppery appearance. From 1983 to 1985 this special version was only delivered in Germany.

A glimpse of the interior of the Beetle Oettinger scale model from Ottomobile. It looks beautiful. Image: Ottomobile
A glimpse of the interior of the described Beetle Oettinger scale model. It looks beautiful. Image: Ottomobile

Everything is right with the Ottomobile scale model

Miniature builder Ottomobile picked up the special Beetle and breathed new life into it in a scale from 1 to 18. It has resulted in a truly fabulous scale model, which is not without reason on the bestseller list of the French 1 on 18 specialist. All the details are correct, and appear lifelike. The shapes of the Beetle and the specific equipment of the Oettinger version are very close to the one on one original. This little piece of art is a must for every lover of the younger VW Beetle. And actually for every miniature collector.

Net suggested retail price

The Oettinger Beetle can be ordered via the Ottomobile website and has a net suggested retail price of € 56,00. The miniature Sonder edition is definitely worth the money.

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