BMW adds centenary to atmospheric Knokke

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You know by now: BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. A special pop-up retrospective on the dyke at the BMW Beach Lounge was already organized on 14 August. The audience enjoyed an exclusive pre-war 327 and a 502 'Baroque angel' from the fifties. The iconic Isetta and more recent models also attracted many spectators.

No fewer than 25 cars and five motorcycles from the 100-year history of the brand were parked on the summery dyke in Knokke. The 3200 CS Bertone, the 1600 GT, the 2002 TII, the 7 series of generation E23 and the M1 from 1978, in addition to the 327 Coupé already mentioned, the Isetta and the Barockengel are some of the historic BMWs that catch the eye . The BMW 635 CSI was also special. This 6 series has been owned by Sean Connery. Among the bikes, the BMW 67/3 with sidecar and the BMW R51 RS stood out.

This owner is proud to present his BMW R50. Image: BMW
This owner proudly presented his BMW R50. Image: BMW AG

Indulgence for all the senses until 28 August

The BMW Beach Lounge, by the way, guarantees great snacks and drinks in the lounge seats with a view of the sea until 28 August. On the occasion of its 100 anniversary, BMW is bringing a pop-up restaurant to the beach. Top chefs Filip Claeys from De Jonkman, David Martin from La Paix and Roger Van Damme from Het Gebaar worked out the starter, main course and dessert. The cheese refiners Van Tricht provide a concluding assortment of top Flemish cheeses.

BMW Beach Lounge - pure enjoyment with a sea view.

Following the centenary, the success formula of 'drinks-food-cars-lounge with a view of the sea' is supplemented with CY. This is a unique top restaurant where visitors can let all the senses appeal. The 'BMW Beach Lounge' welcomes everyone in the world from BMW to 28 August.

Enjoy summer in Knokke

Last year, more than 32 000 people enjoyed the Beach Lounge on the beach in front of the Knokke casino. Numerous exclusive events such as avant-premières of new models, exclusive fashion shows and pleasant live music also ensure a pleasant summer atmosphere this year. In addition, cooking workshops are organized for the first time every weekday and in collaboration with Miele.

Every day between 16u and 23u and on weekends and public holidays from 12u enthusiasts can visit the BMW Beach Lounge.

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