The BMW R80 was an emergency leap

For many BMW drivers just a little too uncivilized: the now legendary G / S
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The BMW R80, the happy emergency jump

In 1980 the BMW R80 was taken out of production as in the R80 / 7. The / 7 series was thought by BMW as the last generation of boxers of the old guard. In a rapidly developing market, the air-cooled pushrod twins had in fact become simply dated.

Euthanasia on boxers failed

BMW had just invented the K100 four-cylinder and thought it was nice with the boxers. But BMW enthusiasts could not live with that. The last middle class boxers, the R80 / 7 were discarded and the now successful G / S had to carry the boxer twin flag further. Because as an 'allroad' the concept of the flat twin had not yet been discarded. The in-house alternatives were the expensive and thick R 100, and the R65 that was considered too light and high-revving. For many conservative BMW enthusiasts, and there were quite a few at the time, the brightly colored G / S on its semi-studded tires was just a step too fierce to want to be seen on.

BMW R80, Made in Holland

The then Dutch importer, the still thriving Greenib (which is now importing Suzuki) decided to meet customer demand and build a touring model based on the R 80 G / S. That BMW hybrid got a smaller front rim, road tires, the front fender of the R 65 and a stabilizer bracket between the slightly shortened fork legs. The headlight was placed three centimeters lower, the wide handlebars 1,5cm cut on both sides and the steel footrests were fitted with rubbers. The (originally red) buddy got a black cover, The tank and side covers got a red metallic jacket.

Technically identical

Technically, the engine was also just an R 80 G / S. All machines received the starter motor as standard, which was optional on the G / S. The result was not a pure BMW, because the motorcycles were converted in-house at Greenib. Nevertheless, the motorcycle had not even become much more expensive than the G / S. BMW has apparently looked very carefully at this motorcycle, because the R 1982 ST introduced in 80 is almost identical. And that ST was not successful then, that is not the case. Now STs are wanted. Because they are so rare.

Because the market wanted it: the R 80 RT

The BMW R 80 RT appeared in 1982. It was just an R100 RT with the engine of the BMW R80 / 7 in it. BMW's construction kit principle proved once again to pay off. The unity of thought behind the BMW R80RT went so far as to deliver engines that simply included the R100RT instruction manual. The price difference with the big brother was made by delivering the engine exclusively in basic colors and saving on some finishing details.

The difference was made by the strategy BMW has become famous for: Things that were standard with the R 100 RT (clock, crash bars) were on the list of heavily paid options with the R 80 RT. Between 1982 and 1984, 7.400 items were tight stereo-sprung copies. Then the R 80 RT Mono appeared.

The time that BMW R80 's were nothing at all has meanwhile passed. The new generation of motorcyclists has discovered them en masse and the good Bavarian are just as massively transformed into caferacers and scramblers. "Front fender off, a spring roll as a buddy on it" Ready.

So if you come across an intact BMW R80 of any kind? |
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