Wide drive. Claim your place on the road

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"Wide drive." Because we motorcyclists are back on the road.

During my service, I received driving lessons from a selfish, adulterous professional corporal.

It started in service

The first phenomenon was evident from the stock of strong liquor that he also massaged during driving lessons. I had to believe the second on his word. He was constantly talking about it. A wide and proud gesture to a couple of ladies on a terrace that was passed: "I have had them all!" Missing gear was punished by a blow with a wooden beam on the helmet. The lesson echoed in it. Passing the incline test was inspired by the fact that the trainee driver had to place his watch behind a rear wheel. Someone must have come up with the idea after such an exersition that extra flat watches should be a great business model.

Learn the old-fashioned way

Yet I have benefited enormously from that driving training. I learned to 'drive wide'. Drive with the left wheels on the axis of the road. Claim your asphalt on the narrowest roads too. That was the idea. And that that approach sometimes resulted in a frayed flank of the opposing party? They should see that as a tuition fee. I still ride wide on the bike. And despite the fact that the psychological impact of a frontal approaching Dikke Daf is seriously greater than that of a classic motorcyclist on tour: It works.

The Bokito behavior

And then you notice that everything is based on appearance. Because even if you march tightly along the center line even on just one 125BW piece, you will see that even seasoned Scania drivers look for the roadside for you. If they don't, you have the entire width of your own lane to divert to the right. Plus the roadside or sidewalk. Watch pedestrians there! Wide driving also works on following traffic. If you frolic about in the middle of your own lane, there is a good chance that car drivers will see that as an ideal situation to catch up with. Even if in the meantime there is an oncoming car in the picture of which you can see the whites of his eyes. And then you only have one meter to go to the right.

But we remain vulnerable

While overtaking, motorcyclists often make the mistake of coming out of the blind spot of car mirrors. Going quietly but resolutely to the left while we are not short on the bumper of our predecessor helps there. Take the center of the lane on the left lane. That prevents you from being overtaken twice and gives some left-and-right alternative options in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, think that the acceleration of a classic engine often offers a better way out than making an emergency stop. Keep in mind that we actually remain invisible to motorists. Many of those people have a gun license rather than a driver's license and the visual judgment of Stevie Wonder. And because we are our own crumple zones, we just have to be careful. Yellow jackets for no meter help with that. Moreover, you drive enormously for such a thing.

Oh yes: Only when your travel pace is really dangerously low compared to the rest of the world, is it useful to give that other traffic all the space it needs.

Wide drive

Natural preponderance. Everything goes aside for that!

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