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Motorcycle clothing
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Okay, let it be a nice summer evening. Because with these temperatures, motorcycling is no party. But it is always better than watching the rain from behind the window. But our clothing is seen as important.

Recently there was a message about driving in summer clothing on social media

Out of pure political correctness, the commenters practically climbed over each other's shoulders. We motorcyclists must always wear motorcycle clothing on the bike. SHOULD! Or else we should just leave it. People who don't understand that they have to wear motorcycle gear are stupid and / or anti-social. Deserve to kill themselves without motorcycle gear.

In addition, full reference was made to the pain that it causes when you put on asphalt eczema in your shorts. How dull it is for rescuers who have to scrape you off the road. The fact that after an unprotected fall you raise the insurance premiums and health insurance. The fact that it is completely irresponsible. I was almost impressed.

Just like about the stories of the men who catch up with 160 + while dressed in swimming trunks, flip flops and a fluttering T-shirt.

And of all the expensive operations that people above the 65 apparently undergo while not driving a motorcycle. All these operations are also paid for by properly dressed motorcyclists. At least, I got that idea.

The last forty + years I have been on the bike in all four seasons

In the winter I usually dress in accordance with all ANWB dreams. And with a Difi Husky thermal overall I save myself to minus 5. In the summer I am considerably looser in this. And yes: sometimes something went wrong. That hurt. But that pain went away.

With this weather I usually get into my jeans (shorts are too hot) and a T-shirt on the motorcycle. When I think about it, I put on a pair of those funny gloves without fingers. Then I enjoy everything that makes motorcycling so enjoyable for me. If I ever fall over, then I have bad luck. But better that risk than the chance of heat stroke and dehydration if you put on all your wrinkle zones in this weather. Along the A2 a few years ago I had to help someone who drove 100% safely dressed clumsy swinging into the parking lot and collapsed. Captured by the heat. His safety could have been his death. I had to invest two bottles of AA liquor in him and helped him on the toilet to keep his wrists under the cold tap.

Now, of course, every example weakens the argument

But there is no guaranteed safety. Not even if you stay in bed all day. But with a healthy judgment you can go a long way. Funnily enough, this approach is common among many classic motorcyclists. Most of the people I meet in these hot days are practical, but dressed as little as possible and drive nice and quiet. You will get through the summer with that. And I don't know about all those over-XNUMXs who clamber on their racing bike or jog through the woods in this weather. All too soon, that is about broken wrists and collarbones and heart failure.

But maybe all those reactors had extra short fuses because of the heat. I personally go for my own freedom and my own choices. And in the summer I'm even more careful than usual.

This story is for a purely personal title. I don't want to tell anyone what he or she should do.

But of course it always goes wrong



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  1. Go and ride in America, many states even without a helmet! That is delicious! There, the travel agency itself advises not to ride with motorcycle clothing, simply because it is way too hot! Especially with this summer, I also recommend, enjoy it and get on the way you want, but drive with your mind! If you are a kamikaze pilot, it is safer in a suit, but try to relax and enjoy it differently!

  2. You can always have bad luck. And there are more things that hurt than grazes. I just heard from the owner of an electric motorcycle that had very much overlooked the built-up area in Switzerland. That will cost him 5000 Swiss Francs and for the time being he has lost his bike 🙁

  3. Tribute!

    All that sputtering about correct clothing; let everyone decide how they want to be dressed.
    But then don't complain if it goes well and part of your skin stays behind on the asphalt.
    The internet is full of buzzers who get a print or the driver's license if they are caught with 200 in the village, or complain that another dyke has been closed because people think it is a circuit.

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