Classics: Mainstream or unique?

A Kellison prototype

Mainstream or unique, that's the question. The majority of our classics? There are usually so many of them that there are clubs for it. And it is clear that 'mainstream' certainly does not have to be civil or something like that. Because a Porsche 914, and E-type or a Mustang? Those were not appearances of which you saw ten in a day.

It's about the feeling

It is rather a matter of nostalgia and perception. We have the classics from our youth. From our dreams. The cars of our fathers, those of the dentist from our youth. The classics from films and TV series from the 'then'. Captain Zeppos rode an Austin Champ. Those kind of things. And then of course there were the Dukes of Hazard. A young lady with incredibly long legs played in it. And there was something about a GTO ...

In the classic magazines there is therefore a lot of attention for those 'mainstream' cars. And so you would think that there were once about as many Ferraris as Opel Kadetts. While a good A Kadett is now rarer than the average Ferrari.

But there were so many more classic brands. Brands of which the majority are completely unknown to us. Clearly no mainstream brands. Shall we take a look?

Unique brands, unique cars

AM General: That was the maker of the Humvees, the primeval Hummers for military use.
Apal was a 'manufacturer' that made cars based on VW platforms. Buggies. But also Porsche Speedster replicas.
Aristocar made - or makes - Jaguar XK replicas
Auto Mirage was also a buggy builder.
Autozodiaco from Bologna also made everything on VW chassis.
Beck made Porsche Spyder replicas
CAP made ... Well: never mind
CG made very beautiful, pure sports cars
Croco made tiny 4WDs with all-wheel control.
ERA copied Ford GT40s. A kind of…
Everett-Morrison did the same with AC Cobra replicas.
Georges Irat made cars in France between 1921 and 1953.
Hayden made a tribute to the Cobras.
Heritage Replicas made large Tupperware replicas based on, among other things, the MB 540 K ..
Kellison was a sports car manufacturer.
Lafer copied MGs.
RAM made Cobra replicas, just like so many others.
RUF renovated Porsches like AMG did with Mercdessen.
Saier? How original: Cobra replicas.
Thoroughbred did Tupperware in the thirties.

To end with the last letter of the alphabet: Zimmer made cars that were just as introverted as Patty Brard in her wild days.

And so there are more

Most of these brands are born in the pure enthusiasts' corner. The cars were usually sporty or 'retro'. The makers never had the idea of ​​competing with GM and Toyota.

There are reservations about classics that are not what they seem to be. But at least give them the chance to be what they are.

The deployment and parts provision of the truly original cars are limited. Usually much better for replicas, tributes or re-creations. Whether you want to have such an exotic? There is a market for it. But it's not that big. Except for the classics that resemble Jaguars, Bentleys, Porsches and the like. They are often seen as 'the next best thing'. But the Kellison in the opening photo is a very real one.



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