DAF Museum welcomes increasing visitor numbers

DAF Museum

The year 2017 is concluded very well by the DAF Museum in Eindhoven. The number of visitors this year exceeds the 55.000. The number of visitors has been increasing steadily in recent years. In 2012, there were no 40.000 visitors yet, which means an increase in visitor numbers of 40% in five years.

The expectation is that growth will also be in 2018 will continue. The underlying reasons are justified, not least because of the fact that the historic Dutch brand can greet a number of anniversaries. First of all, DAF exists in April 2018 90 year. In 1928, the van Doorne brothers started a machine factory, and soon focused on manufacturing structures for trailers. After the Second World War, DAF focused on the construction and production of applications within the transport sector. It built trucks, chassis for buses and military equipment. And it developed the Variomatic transmission, the stepless "belt" automatic, which made its debut in the DAF 600. And that was the first passenger car from DAF.

DAF 600

The DAF 600 also becomes a theme within the DAF museum in 2018. On 7 February 2018, it is sixty years ago that the passenger car with the clever stick made its appearance at the 1958 edition of the AutoRAI in Amsterdam.

Factory in Born and London-Sydney

Furthermore, it is a June 2018 half a century ago that the DAF factory in Born (now VDL Nedcar) was opened. In November 2018, it is also 50 years ago that the spectacular London-Sydney Marathon was held. After intensive preparation, the then toughest rally in the world was successfully completed with two DAFs 55. Two teams (Slotemaker-Janssen and David van Lennep-Hissink) were assisted with air support, among other things. With the then fairly new DAF 55 they completed the 16.500 kilometer, a legendary achievement.

DAF Museum will also be celebrating its anniversary this year

The DAF Museum also celebrates an anniversary itself. In 2018 it celebrates its 25 anniversary. Next year the DAF Museum will pay special attention to the various anniversaries. The milestones are of course not the only reason to visit the museum. Because over the years the DAF Museum has received a collection within its gates that makes it worthwhile to visit this stopping place full of beautiful Dutch heritage at any time. The increasing number of visitors is evidence of this.

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