Enforcement measures for the Rotterdam Environmental Zone now in force

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The environmental zone had been in force since January, but now Rotterdam will enforce it. Petrol vehicles from before July 1992 and diesels from before 2001 are no longer allowed into the area. The owners / drivers of the banned vehicles have only received a warning so far. But that is now - at least for the time being - over. Anyone who enters the environmental zone with a banned vehicle without permission from Sunday 1 May 2016 will be fined € 90.

Reduce soot emissions
Rotterdam expects to reduce “traffic emissions” by 20 to 30 percent by using the environmental zone. The ultimate target has been set at 40%. Incidentally, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation recently demonstrated that the impact of banned vehicles on air quality is minimal, certainly in relation to emissions from, for example, heavy industry in the port city. Furthermore, the Foundation rightly stated that it is remarkable that - for example a 2CV from 1968 is allowed to enter the zone and a younger 2CV - who is not yet an old-timer according to the rules in our country.

Exceptions and exemptions
Old-timers from 40 years and older are permitted in the environmental zone. They do not need an exemption. This also applies to cars registered with the RDW with a U9, E2 or sufficient Euro class. Via a license plate check it can be checked whether or not a vehicle is permitted in the environmental zone.

Day exemption
Owners of a vehicle excluded from the environmental zone can request a day exemption a maximum of 12 times per year. There are no conditions attached to this. A day exemption is valid for 24 hours.

Long-term exemption
In specific cases it is possible to apply for a long-term exemption. There are different categories for long-term exemption applications. Specific requirements apply to each of the categories. Possibilities to qualify for a long-term exemption are the following:

  • The owner has a vehicle that has been adapted for medical reasons.
  • The vehicle in question is an operating timer. That can be a wedding car or food truck from 25 to 40 years old with which owners earn their money.
  • There is entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur lives and / or works in Rotterdam and threatens to go bankrupt if it has to meet the conditions of the environmental zone.
  • The banned vehicle is cleaner than can be expected on the basis of the Date First Admission (DET) (Right to Challenge).
  • Those involved can demonstrate that this is in a special situation and is disproportionately affected by the environmental zone requirements (hardship clause).

The Rotterdam Classics Foundation continues to fight
Although the rules are being enforced, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation will continue to strive to undo the environmental zone in Rotterdam. Among other things, they have expressed the consideration of taking legal action.



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  1. If one wants to keep the inner city of R'dam “clean”, there would be
    more measures are needed.
    The strange thing is that I can go in with my 56 year old Peugeot.
    But to be honest, I don't want to go there at all, even though I get the
    gasoline free.

  2. If politicians claim that those older cars pollute more, they may also demonstrate that those cars drive as many kilometers as new ones. Because otherwise you compare apples with pears.

    By the way, I regularly see modern diesels blowing out huge soot clouds. Only politicians with blinkers on don't see that.

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