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The exciting car year 1968. Part One

car year 1968
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1968 was a special year. Not only socially, but also in terms of launching new cars, the year was controversial. In a triptych we look back on a number of cars that were then on the market. Today we present you part one of the selection of special newcomers from the memorable year.

Peugeot 504

In the 1968 car year, the 404 Berline, intended as the 504 successor, was presented by Peugeot. With its independent suspension and striking design, the new Peugeot managed to offer a counterbalance to the German two-liter class in its own French way. The 504 became the Car of the Year and attracted many enthusiasts. This was not least due to the fact that Sochaux offered the buyer various levels of motorization and equipment. With the 504, Peugeot was able to present a timeless and striking sedan, which was constantly dosed and maintained in Europe up to 1983. In Nigeria, the 504 was even built in 2005. During the 504 career, the range was expanded to include Coupé, Cabriolet and Break / Family versions. A Pick-Up and the 4 x 4 Dangel also made their appearance over time. Of the Berlines, the 504 TI with Kugelfischer Injection was the most popular and desired version among fans.

Volkswagen 411

Volkswagen presented its first large sedan in 1968. The 411, the first VW also available with four doors, was equipped with a self-supporting body, a McPherson front train and coil springs. He was also fitted with an 1679 cc air-cooled boxer engine. Although the 411 had good credentials in the basics, it was received less well than the VW Vorstand expected. The configuration with the boxer engine in the rear was considered conservative, and the design was fairly unconventional. The combination was certainly received with the necessary cynicism in homeland Germany, but the critics did not do justice to the exquisitely finished and idiosyncratic Typ 4 models. The 411 series was expanded in 1969 with the Variant and the option to order an injection engine. In 1972 the first Typ4 was relieved by the 412 series.


The first BMW with the new generation of six-cylinder engines celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. The Bavaria came with the E3 (2500 / 2800) emphatically in the higher segment. Nevertheless, the sporty newcomer was difficult to compare with the competition. He lasted for nine years, was facelifted in 1971 and over the years he welcomed larger motorized variants and longer versions. The absolute top piece was the 3.3i L from 1975, with which BMW wanted to offer a counterweight to the more expensive W116 models from Mercedes-Benz. In 1977, the E3 - a really beautiful car - was replaced by the first 7 series.

Audi 100

He came as a complete surprise. Ludwig Kraus had made an important contribution to the rebirth of the Audi brand. What nobody knew in the run-up to 1968 was that he was working on a luxury lightweight sedan. That was the F104, which was presented as the Audi 1968 in the 100 car year. The 100 was initially available with four doors and the 1.760 cc Mitteldrück engine, which could be ordered in multiple configurations. Later the delivery program was expanded with the two-door variant and the F105. That was the coupé, which was fitted with the enlarged 1.871 cc engine. Later followed the Audi 100 L with the 1.588 cc engine and overhead camshaft. The Audi 100 C1 series was succeeded in 1976 by the C2 and became a huge success. The first generation of the 827.000 was sold no less than 100 times, a number that could not have imagined engineer Ludwig Kraus himself.



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  1. Precious memories of the six cylinder BMWs. In 1969 my father bought a 2800. With automatic transmission and Boge level control. This was followed by another 71 72 S's in '2 and '3,0.

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