FEHAC and UNESCO discussing places classics on world heritage list

The Fiat 500. A car that could qualify as a mobile heritage for inclusion on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Photo: Fiatpress.
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The FEHAC board met with a delegate from UNESCO on Saturday 13 September during the Heritage Day in the Railway Museum in Utrecht. With this interview FEHAC wants to make an inventory of the possibilities of mentioning the mobile heritage in Europe or in the Netherlands on the World Heritage List of Unesco. This list contains cultural, industrial and natural heritage that is of unique historical value and must be preserved for future generations.

In 2012 a plan has been created at Unesco to also add mobile heritage to the World Heritage list. There has been contact with both FIVA and FEHAC about this since 2013. "We want to try to get protection through the FIVA for the mobile heritage in the Netherlands at UNESCO," explains board member Bert Pronk. Giorgo Andrian is the right person to explain what the possibilities are on behalf of UNESCO, because he has taken the initiative in 2012 to also propose mobile heritage for the World Heritage List. “The World Heritage List contains the necessary industrial heritage. Then I said, why is there no mobile heritage on it? Via the internet I received a lot of support for that idea. ”


The Fiat 500. A car that could qualify as a mobile heritage for inclusion on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Photo: Fiatpress.
The Fiat 500. A car that could qualify as a mobile heritage for inclusion on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Photo: Fiatpress.

Fiat 500
Andrian, who is not only a UNESCO consultant but also a board member of the ASI, say the Italian FEHAC, cites a personal example of mobile heritage. "I have a Fiat 500 at home that my father bought new in the years" 60, "he says. “It was the first car in our family, I learned to drive that car. My father passed it on to me and I passed it on to the next generation. ”Because, according to Andrian, that is the essence of mobile heritage, or actually of every heritage. “People always think that heritage is about the past. But that's not true. It's about the future. Heritage is something that you pass on to the new generations. "

Giorgio Andrian indicates that listing on the World Heritage List does not mean that the object or building suddenly falls under the responsibility of UNESCO. It also does not mean that an inspector from UNESCO regularly comes to see if the object is still in good condition. That is not possible at all. But listing on the World Heritage List is an international recognition of the value of the object. National governments will take this into account. In that sense, listing on the World Heritage List is primarily a form of protection. "

Unesco's vision of heritage is not that it should always stay as it is, Andrian explains. “Unesco is not a large freezer where you can store things as they are. Heritage lives and changes over the years. But whether you are restoring a Giotto fresco or a Fiat 500, the starting points are that you respect the authenticity and integrity of the object. ”Andrian also sees similarities between the FIVA and FEHAC mission and the UNESCO mission. "Both are busy preserving heritage in the long term, so that it can be passed on to future generations."

Chairman Bert de Boer of FEHAC is enthusiastic about the meeting with Unesco. “We will certainly look into the possibilities of getting mobile heritage on the World Heritage List,” he says. "This will mainly help us to convince the national and local authorities of the historical and cultural value of this heritage." FEHAC will now look internally at how the contacts with Unesco are further developed. “We can try it through FIVA, but it is also possible to tackle this in collaboration with a number of the national classic car organizations in other countries,” said De Boer. No details are yet known about age limits and criteria that the mobile heritage must at least meet. An age limit in combination with the historical importance, significance for the mobility need and appearance of specific models of manufacturers could form a nice selection criterion.

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