True to nature: Citroën 2 CV 6 from 1972 from NOREV in scale 1: 18.

2 cv 6
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The French miniature manufacturer NOREV has been working for decades with the manufacture of model cars in various scales. For a number of years, NOREV has also been active within the 1: 18 segment, and builds car models from multiple brands. The French tricolor is of course amply represented in the range, and it is therefore obvious that the producer has more than once paid attention to the Citroën 2 CV. One of the most recent models is the 2 CV 6 from 1972, painted in Rio Rouge. We take a closer look at the model.

What is striking is that NOREV has diminished eighteen times this 1970s 2 CV in a very nice and fairly naturalistic way. The color scheme on this model is historically justified, and that also applies to a number of details. The number and font of the speedometer are correct, as is the design of the steering wheel (with the correct hub cover). Furthermore, the shape of the logo on the tailgate is correct and NOREV mounted the right grill. It is the first references to the eye for detail that NOREV applied to the miniature version of this' 72 er 2 CV 6.

True to nature

De Citroën is fairly true to nature, and it is also striking that nothing was forgotten in the manufacture of this early 1970s Duck. A good example of this is the confirmation of the locking of the folding windows. In addition, the engine compartment, the luggage compartment and the front of the interior are accessible. The relevant doors and flaps can be opened for this. Under the hood is the simple finish that NOREV has used, the luggage space is more faithfully displayed. The interior of the rubber floor covering stands out positively within the interior. However, the anti-glare mirror was not fitted as standard in the 1972 CV 2 in 6.

Open and closed

Nice: NOREV delivers the 2 CV 6 from 1972 with two roofs: closed and in rolled up trim. The roofs are of course interchangeable, but certainly in Closed condition, the roof seems to have been constructed too thickly. In addition, the roof does not fit equally nicely everywhere, such as above the strip that marks the separation between the roof and the boot lid. Speaking of the comic: the font of the brand name “Citroën"Is not the right one, it was applied to later models. Beating again details such as the fuel cap and the way in which the tailgate can be opened.

Nice success

Despite the points of criticism, NOREV has succeeded quite nicely in modeling this 2 CV 6 historically, although it has also been proven in the past that it can be done more precisely. For example, whoever looks at the Renault 16 versions, the VW 1303, the Opel Manta A and the new Alpine A110 knows that the French manufacturer can produce models of a very high level. This 2 CV 6 belongs to that category to a somewhat lesser extent, but is for the true fan, enthusiast and owner a scale model that belongs in the collection.

Enough plus points

Enough benefits with a few omissions. This is how this most charming model can best be described. For a suggested retail price of € 59,95 it is in your closet, but it can be worthwhile to visit the online auctions.


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