Ford A Victoria (1931) – “Old is gold” for Klaas & Sjoerd.

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » Ford A Victoria (1931) – “Old is gold” for Klaas & Sjoerd.
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Who is not touched by the appearance of this special car? Collecting and restoring historic vehicles is a passion for Klaas and his son Sjoerd. In a shed full of Ford treasures, they share their secret with Auto Motor Klassiek.

Ford Standard Tudor Sedan

Klaas: “I fulfilled my love for Ford when I bought a Ford Standard Tudor Sedan in 1972, which was ultimately completely restored in the 80s. You then notice that tinkering with the Ford brings a lot of joy. Doing what gives you energy gives satisfaction. It also means having a love for cars of a certain brand (for us that is Ford) and type A. It is clear that the love for Ford passes on to the next generation: my son Sjoerd works with just as much passion on his Fords.”

Ford A Victoria (1931)

The sale of a large collection from the Ford museum in Hillegom led him to Den Hartog where numerous Fords were for sale. When he discovered this Ford, his heart started beating faster: a beautiful color combination in beige and black, really pleasing to the eye. This Ford was honest, strong and complete, and Klaas mainly wanted to use it for what it was intended for: driving. Another treasure in his garage is the 1929 Ford A Coupe, which was restored in the 90s and therefore also graces the Dutch roads.

Like father Like Son

Awarding is the key word, a very positive term that makes you happy. Father Klaas gave the Ford Standard Tudor to his son, who now takes it for fun rides with his family. Not only short rides, but also long tours of hundreds of kilometers, such as in Scotland and the famous Eleven Cities Tour in Friesland, which attracts a lot of attention among classic car enthusiasts. Sjoerd: “I never thought that my Ford Standard Tudor Sedan would play such a big role in my hobby. There is now a Ford A 400 from 1931 Convertible next to this veteran. Together with my father we now have four Ford vintage cars. As for the love for Ford, it is clear: like father, like son.”


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