Ford Capri 2800 Supersport (1982). A special rescue

Ford Capri 2800 Super Sport (1982)
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It is better to give a warning in advance, because this is an incredible story. It concerns a find of a unique Ford Capri 2800 Supersport from the first owner, of which the invoice indicates a purchase price of 42.000 guilders.

By: Dirk de Jong

The Capri series consists of cars with a sporty and a personal cachet. The functional design was retained, there were more and more variations on the basic model, in terms of execution and engine power. It became an immediate success, the base model has already sold more than 1 million copies.

Rare and exclusive

The version Ford Capri 2800 in Supersport version is very exclusive. Only fourteen copies of this version were delivered in the Netherlands. Even more special is that this Ford Capri is demonstrably from the first owner. With photos, we show you the story, from the moment it was found in a rickety old shed to the moment when the thick layers of dust were removed and the graceful and elegant lines became more visible again.

Eelke: “For me it's just in a class of its own, that piece of technology in the 2800 supersport version. I admit I've been a big fan of Ford all my life, but finding this piece of art made my emotional strings tremble. The contact with the first owner was already very special. A man in his own world, devoid of modern means of communication. A man who had no problem with the Capri eventually languishing as a wreck. For me a pleasure to see the car like this. After so many years back in the sunlight, the spiders intact, the dust collected and the smell of rust! For me proof that some things come your way without you actively looking for them, a valuable tip was the adventurous start.”

Thoroughbred sports car

Fortunately, the life of the Ford Capri 2800 Supersport has not come to an end. He gets the chance at a second life. Convinced that the car will shine again in the future and that people will be impressed by this striking Ford Capri. The chances are slim that you don't believe the story.

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  1. The orange turn signal light is probably connected to the oil pressure transmitter to immediately see a loss of oil pressure.
    Many V4 and V6 engines are broken by a quickly worn oil pump shaft

  2. My computer has problems with posting answers I see.
    But you can ask the rdw for a “request for contact” or something for that registration number.
    Are contacts then the owner that someone wants to contact.
    If the owner is interested, he can contact you.

  3. I don't think it's a 'super-sport' but a 'super-injection'. A 2.8i Köln-V6 that also served in the Granada and later briefly in the Scorpio. The 3.0 was an 'Essex-V6' which was slightly more unique. The 3.5 Essex V6 BDA 24v was even more unique, but the 2600RS with Kügelfisher injection is a rarity! These homologation models competed against the CSIs, Commodores and associates. They had V8s here in Hellevoet, a 5.0 Mustang automatic drove everything missing

    • My first car was a 2.8i ford capri.
      But then white version with the same stickering as this one in the photo and the same rims.
      I still regret not having it anymore.

  4. I read nothing about the model with the 3 liter GT version, has it been very sporadically in the Netherlands. Knowledge of mine drove this one, of which I still have one of the three in one silencer welded oxy-fuel because it was no longer available new.

  5. Great, you'll just have to find it and take it!
    Saw 2 years ago in the technology museum Sinsheim and Speyer (highly recommended, 2 museums that belong together not too far from each other!!) a Ford Capri exhibition that they had there for a while, with a lot of types. My ultimate favorite was a special V8 version, where I also read an article here in the Netherlands about someone who had built a V8 in a Capri. Very cool cars!

  6. We all had a Capri with 4 friends. When we went on vacation, we attracted quite a few visitors. I had the brown with black vinyl roof and 1700 engine. Designation GXLR in my opinion. Replacing the exhaust was quite a tour. Lovely car but now getting in and almost sitting on the street with your ass is too difficult but I salivate when I see a Capri driving, what a tough car that was.

  7. Driven in the 80s Capri 2.3 automatic. Drove in the Ferdinand Bol near Menno Boorsma, the liquor store. Sir, your front right wheel wobbles. Immediately got out and tried to fasten it, had recently traded it with someone. You did that in those days, just to the post office on the Cuyp, always warmly there, great and Kees was done. In possession of a driver's license insurance of 900 guilders per year for convenience, a hobby can cost something.
    Were there those rim caps on, no screws that you could tighten, but caps that you could only tighten so far! Furthermore, fine car, always a party when you stepped inside. It always smelled new in a way. Must have come through the rough light brown plastic covering.

  8. I also had driving lessons in a Ford Capri, a 1.6 S from 1977. Parking queues was indeed an issue, but I did learn to drive a car. Later, as a 21-year-old boy, I bought the exact same one, but a 2.0 6 S V1977, 82-TD-62. I called it the plane without wings.

  9. Fantastic to see and read this; it brings back quite a few memories. In 1969 I started my first serious car job at Ford Netherlands. Back then there were still English (eg Cortina and Capri) and German (Taunus) Fords. In 1971, efforts were made to join forces with the TC (Taunus/Cortina) project.
    In 1974 the Capri II came with a large tailgate (Mk1 had a very small boot lid). The heaviest Capri was motorized with an English V6, but the very sporty RS 2600 with injection was a German V6 and it ran a lot better. The 2800 as found now is motorized with a continuation of the German V6 and that could also be found in the Granada's of eg the royal family. I myself drove a Granada 2800 i and that was an executioner of a car at the time. A Capri with 2800 V6 must be/become a very nice machine.

  10. I had driving lessons from Cees in a Capri in 1969, I can't remember the last name. Parking in reverse was an issue! Still passed the first time.

  11. In 2001 (now 20 years ago) I sold my Ford Capri 2.0 V6 with registration number 91-FV-HH to someone from Waalwijk. This is still the owner today.
    I would like to get in touch with the buyer again to see my ex Capri again after all these years.

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