Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet (1984) by Eelke. Outdoor recreation.

Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet (1984) by Eelke. Outdoor recreation.
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Has this version of the Fiesta ever crossed your path? No? Then there is reason enough to pay attention to this beautiful version. A 1984 Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet.

By: Dirk de Jong

The English Crayford Auto Development Ltd. from Westerham in Kent is known as a convertible builder. They are specialized in this and make nice open versions of different brands. Crayford built a convertible of the Fiesta in the same way. This Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet does not have a roll-over bar. However, the rights were sold and in 1984 the Dutch AGM built four, of which this is one. Coincidentally, Eelke came across this extremely rare Fiesta, because Ford never brought it to life. Our advice is in any case a classic car valuation to arrange.

RDW registration

Yet this Fiesta is registered as a Fly with the RDW. This 'airy' Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet can therefore be driven safely. In addition to the English, there are also Dutch companies that specialize in conversion. And we know fantasy isn't something you can turn on with a switch. There are always people who find inspiration to convert existing cars into daring constructions. 

High rating

“Unique” is a word you should avoid as much as possible, but we don't shy away from it with the Ford Fiesta Fly. Driving is a sensuous experience. The smells of nature, the view, that's what makes driving an open car enjoyable. 

The jackpot? 

Eelke's enthusiasm is a good indication that if he wins the top prize in the lottery… he will just continue with his fun Ford hobby. He remains passionate about getting the best out of the (hobby) car life. 

Therapeutic Power

Eelke: “Sounds a bit strange, but the Ford Fiesta Fly Cabriolet has therapeutic power for me. It's always nice to hear the reactions to my bright yellow rascal. It is special to meet like-minded people and to share the car love.” 

Lord in traffic 

Does the gentleman in traffic still exist? A nice medicine against haste is driving an oldtimer or a classic on two or four wheels. That's a 'state of mind' that you give in unnoticed when you drive this special Ford Fiesta Fly. 

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  1. Reading the article takes my mind back to the late 70s when I was on holiday in Guernsey and rented a yellow Ford bike for a tour. That was quite strange, with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Driving on the left was also not commonplace. Still, you get used to it quickly and later in the UK I did it many times in my own car.

  2. I was not aware of this version. Beautiful. I've had the pleasure of cruising for 7 years in one of the last Escorts convertible, without exaggeration one of the nicest cars I've owned. Unfortunately lost for an Astra twin top, big mistake.

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