Forgotten options: headlight wipe.

Crazy wipers on a thick top limo: that's what einmal ...
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In the past, not so very long ago, you could still order them on your new car: headlight wipers. A completely useless option, but you greatly appreciated your car. Nowadays, since the arrival of xenon, they are no longer available.

Germans tend to interpret these wiping waxes with one of the longest words in my foreign vocabulary: Scheinwerferreinigungsanlage. In normal Dutch headlight erase / wash. Windshield wipers for your headlights. A completely useless option. A pretty annoying option too, because after spraying once, the entire front of your car is covered by the foamy window cleaner. Yet purists swear by the presence of a set of headlamp wiping wax on their young timer. Not because it's so useful. But simply, because it fits so well in the time of the car. Do you have a young timer in mind and does it have a headlight wipe / wash? Check the operation of it. The trade in empty wiper arms is booming and before you know it you are wrong.

Chris de Raaf.


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