French Ford Anglia Estate

Are you not going to find a Ford Anglia 105E Estate with left-hand steering ...
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Ford Anglia's, those with the sloping rear window, are not that hard to find. The story will be different if you are looking for the Summer variant. Can not be found…? 'Your' Auto Motor Klassiek well. In France, in Marliens, you know in the Cote d'Or, and also with a left wheel. Type De Luxe from 1963, complete with the French license plate. The body is still in pretty good condition, the engine is doing fine. Just like the gearbox and the brakes. Unfortunately - and that is very unfortunate - a previous enthusiast has sprayed the poor wagon of canary yellow ... With an asking price of 4.000 euro, it still doesn't seem like a wrong offer. Further information: telephone 0033-3-8031.5855. Owner Tony Fernandes only speaks French ...

Are you not going to find a Ford Anglia 105E Estate with left-hand steering ...

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