Transitional arrangement: gasoline classics from 1 December up to three months in the stable again.

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Starting in 1 in December, owners of a petrol vehicle may park the vehicles again in the transitional arrangement for vintage cars. The month of December 2016 is still subject to the transitional arrangement for the current calendar year. This also applies if someone has made use of the transitional arrangement this year and wants to abandon the 2017 transitional arrangement.

In that case, the owner is allowed in the current December month no use the public highway. The last month of this year is part of the 2016 tax period. Incidentally, this concerns vehicles with a date of first authorization from 1 January 1976 to 1 January 1988. Those who are not yet in the transitional arrangement, but wish to participate in 2017, can register with the Tax Authorities before 31 December 2016. In that case, the classic may not be on the road in January and February 2017, just as in December 2017. There are even more conditions attached to the transitional arrangement.

Event arrangement

Those who use the transitional arrangement and continue it in 2017 may use the old-timer for a maximum of two days during the next three "restriction months". The event must be approved by the tax authorities and be notified by its organizer. For the purpose of the MOT inspection during the winter regulation, the vehicle may be used for a day to drive to and from the inspection station. This is not at the expense of the two days allowed. When participating in an event in the winter arrangement and / or having the vehicle inspected, the minimum liability must be insured.

Transitional arrangement memorandum 2017 must be paid before 1 January

The Tax and Customs Administration says it has sent the invoices again in relation to the transitional arrangement. The invoices must be paid for 1 January 2017. Owners of a qualifying petrol-driven vehicle - first put into use on 1 January 1977 or later but before 1 January 1988 - will be eligible for the scheme next year. In 2017 the owner again pays an MRB rate of a maximum of € 122.

No parking, no public roads

In January, February and December 2017 the vehicle is not allowed on public roads. Parking in a public place is also out of the question. Motor vehicles on Diesel en FUEL - regardless of age - are not eligible for the transitional arrangement. Owners pay the full rate for this, unless the license plate is suspended. Motor vehicles from forty years and older are exempt from MRB, regardless of fuel type.

Register a transitional arrangement

Owners who have not previously participated in the transitional arrangement - but want to do so - must register their vehicle before 31 December. The Tax Authorities have the relevant forms available online for this purpose. Incidentally, the not yet participating owners of the vehicles eligible for the transitional arrangement have not received a tax assessment from the Tax Authorities.

Don't participate anymore?

If someone in 2017 no longer wants to participate in the transitional arrangement for old-timers, then they do not have to pay the bill. In the course of January 2017 the owners in question will receive an invoice with the normal rate for the motor vehicle tax.

For which vehicles does the transitional arrangement for old-timers apply again

If an old-timer meets the age requirements for the transitional arrangement, it is possible with a

  • passenger car, camper van or delivery van that is exclusively intended to run on petrol
  • motor
  • truck that you do not use for commercial purposes
  • bus that you do not use for business purposes

More information about the transitional arrangement can be found on the site of the Tax Authorities.



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