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From 28 to 30 October 2016 is organizing the second edition of CLASSICSNL at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. Preparations for the new edition are now in full swing. It is certain that the successful first edition of October 2015 will receive a suitable follow-up. In addition, the stock market in 2016 is larger in design. It means that visitors can welcome an even larger and more varied selection compared to the first edition.

That successful debut edition from 2015 tastes like more. The great interest and the positive and constructive responses have led to CLASSICSNL increasing in 2016. Whereas the trade fair for classic cars already covered an impressive exhibition area of ​​12.000 m2 last year, there will be no less than 18.000 m2 available to the participants this year.

"What is good remains"
At the WTC Expo, the halls are filled with high-quality commercial offers, classics for exhibition purposes and all sector-oriented activities. "We will not change what is good," says stock market manager Pieter Fokkema. “The specific, high-quality style of CLASSICSNL will be continued in the same way as during the first edition. Because CLASSICSNL is once again focusing on a varied range of classics, ranging from good to competition condition. ”


Last year the BMW Classic Car Club was already in Leeuwarden. This year she plays an important role in the composition of the main theme. Image: CLASSICSNL
Last year the BMW Classic Car Club was already in Leeuwarden. This year she plays an important role in the composition of the main theme. Image: CLASSICSNL

Main theme: the centenary of BMW
The main theme of CLASSICSNL is the theme of the centenary of BMW. In collaboration with the BMW Classic Car Club, a special interpretation will be given to the theme and 15 icons from the brand's impressive model history will adorn the central theme square. The BMW 507 - the legendary design by Graf Koertz - and the BMW 326 are just a few of the eye-catchers from Munich who will make their appearance in Leeuwarden.


"50% available exhibition space already filled"
A variety of participants have now registered. Many other exhibitors have already made concrete commitments for their presence at the second edition of CLASSICSNL. The fair for classic cars is taking shape. "Companies that would like to participate would do well to contact you as soon as possible," the organization says. In any case, a visit to CLASSICSNL this year is a must for every enthusiast, that much is certain. That is why potential visitors and interested parties would do well to reserve a spot in the agenda. Anyone who wants to look back for an impression of the first edition would do well the video and photo impression of 2015 to visit the CLASSICSNL website.

You can find more information about the event that will be held from 28 to 30 October at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden on:

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