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Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm

Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
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Collect miniatures of classics. It can be an addictively fun activity. Especially if you come across an older collection that is offered for a relatively low price. And within an older collection you sometimes find something specific that takes you back in time in several ways. And make new acquaintance with that which was once new on the shelves of the specialty store. The Italian Brumm regularly released separate series in 1:43 scale, such as the Brumm special series. It also contained number 007: the Rallye International des Alpes 1953 version of the Jaguar XK120 roadster in scale 1 to 43.

Look at it that way. You know where to find the spots with collector's gems, and you return regularly. Then you suddenly come across a scale model that you have been looking for for a while. The Jaguar XK120 from the Brumm special series is such a miniature. You know it: once you saw the specific model in a nice shop window, only to realize that forty guilders was quite a substantial expense. Then you didn't buy the model, but it stayed with you. Cognitive dissonance, but in an inverted form that gave you the sham argument to justify the non-buy. While you knew better.

This was the case with the Brumm model of this Jaguar XK 120 (serial number 007), for example. That's not for nothing. The Jaguar XK120 was naturally a jewel of a car. It debuted at the 1948 London Motor Show as a concept car and carrier of Jaguar's new XK6 engine. The fantastically designed Jaguar prototype from every point of view took the audience's breath away. So Sir William Lyons decided to put the car into production soon after the London Motor Show. Not only the looks were great, the technology also appealed to many people. Just think: the inline six XK engine with 3442 cc was good for an output of 160 hp (162 DIN hp) at 5000 rpm. And from zero to one hundred and sixty? Well within 25 seconds you had reached that milestone. In 1948 they were astronomical values.

The Italian scale model builder Brumm naturally recognized the historical value of this illustrious and beautifully lined sports car, and a few decades ago they built very detailed scale models, including several XK120 versions. And the model described in this article is the 43 times reduced version with which Ian and Patricia C. Appleyard took fifth place in the final ranking of the Rallye International des Alpes in 1953. A small loose label and an entry number 603 refer to this. And the headlights -how beautiful- are covered with a mesh pattern.

The proportions of the scale model are completely correct, the tires are equipped with the Englebert brand and offer space for beautiful wire wheels. The small cockpit is also attractive, you can see that the instruments are painted by hand, which is traditional craftsmanship. Details such as the soft padding around the cockpit, light (painted and now a bit worn) wooden accents, small lights at the rear and the double exhaust are further elements that make this scale model very attractive.

The Italian model builder also worked on the packaging. The specifications are neatly stated on the box, there is a short story (in three languages, including Italian) about the history of the XK120. In addition, the packaging with the silver color and numerous mentioned details looks attractive. This also applies to the inside, which is richly endowed with Brumm logos. This way you let the collector's blood flow even faster, and in such a way that you thought it a shame to slide the Jaguar (or another 1:43 from the Brumm Special series) out of the box.

Yes, and when you come across the model you once left standing, you'll know. The price is not a problem in advance, especially if it turns out that it is only €10. That's a bonus, even without a roof. For most collectors, economic reasons are of secondary importance, even in these times of high inflation. Finding such a beautiful model is like winning a trophy, which you get for having kept your patience for a long time. And that trophy gets extra shine when you run into such a model spontaneously and without internet. Because you were waiting for it. And because you know that you are bringing something unique into your home that is no longer made new.

In the case of the Jaguar XK120, that model is so successful that you want to experience for yourself how such a car drives and feels. Brumm turned one of the most beautiful Jaguars of all time into something masterly. And it is a blessing to have this scale model in the collection. Because it gets under the skin, and evokes a great desire for the one-on-one model. Then you could do a lot as a model builder. You may be able to experience it yourself. Because you can find one yourself online. Or run into it spontaneously. As in this case. Either way, you'll enjoy it.

Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm
Jaguar XK120. Classic collectible gem from Brumm

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  1. Very nice, especially for such a small model. A comment. I found the said acceleration within 25 seconds very slow. Until I read the accompanying Italian text on the box? read that 0-100 miles was done in 23,3 seconds and that seems like a pretty decent value to me.

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