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The KNAC and the FEHAC have jointly sent a letter to cabinet informer Edith Schippers about the oldtimer policy. In the letter they argue for a coherent classic car policy with regard to the mobile heritage (historic trains, aircraft, ships, cars and motorcycles). The KNAC and the FEHAC expressed four points of view in writing to Edith Schippers. The FEHAC already indicated at an earlier stage that it considered it desirable to respect the international age limit of 30 years for motor vehicles. From 2013 onwards, the KNAC also put the environmental zone issue on the national map by entering into a legal battle with the municipality of Utrecht. 

The Heritage Act was introduced in 2016. By introducing this law, historic trains, airplanes, ships, cars and motorcycles were given the status of heritage. The government has thus taken an important step towards a protected status for the mobile heritage. Nevertheless, fewer heritage-stimulating measures have been implemented in recent years, such as the current old-timer scheme. Such measures pose a threat to the heritage of the road. This also applies to the starting points of the left-wing candidate cabinet parties Groen Links and D'66.

Space for repairing the consequences of current legislation

The KNAC and FEHAC therefore formulated four points for attention in a joint letter to the cabinet informator. They jointly request the informer to ensure that within the coalition agreement to be concluded there is room for repairing the harmful effects of these measures. They also ask for room for developing a coherent policy with regard to the mobile heritage. The KNAC and FEHAC are thinking, among other things, of declaring the definition generally included in Article 3 paragraph 7 of the EU 2014 / 45 directive for the heritage of the road to be binding.

Definition of vehicle of historical interest

The definition vehicle of historical interest refers to any vehicle that is considered historic by the Member State of registration or a designated licensing authority thereof. It was also manufactured or registered for the first time at least thirty years ago. The vehicle in question is also no longer produced. Another condition is that the vehicle has been historically preserved at the individual level. The preservation of the original state is also a condition. In addition, the technical characteristics of the main components must not have undergone any changes.

Special license plates

The interest groups have also insisted on the fact that vehicles belonging to the mobile heritage must carry special license plates. The admission of the mobile heritage to the environmental zones is also an issue. Considerations in this regard relate to the limited number of kilometers covered with vintage cars. The European Commission also believes that mobile heritage can enter the zones in European cities. Not only because of the low total emissions, but also because of the contribution to the cultural heritage.

Clear MRB old-timer policy

Finally, the KNAC and FEHAC argue for a clear MRB old-timer policy for the mobile heritage. Utility, necessity and proportionality are hard to find within the current regulations. The letter does not state what that old-timer policy should look like. It is clear, however, that a scheme with fuel surcharge for diesel and LPG, just like with the regular fleet, would be proportional to a rolling exemption limit of 30 year.


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  1. My classic cream-white Mercedes-Benz has been running on LPG for more than 40 years. The installation is of old-fashioned quality, including for example an LPG hatch with magnet closure in the color of the car. My goal is to keep it in a nice original way. Including the original blue license plates and of course the classic LPG installation.

    Do the KNAC and Fehac allow me to preserve the history of my classic Mercedes-Benz?

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