KNAC director Peter Staal shows a lot of contradictions

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Last week it was revealed that the revenue from the adjusted old-timer scheme will not yet be a third of the estimated amount of € 120 million. For news channel BNR, this news was one reason to invite KNAC director Peter Eloy Staal. On Friday, September 5, he was a guest at the National Auto Show. What followed was a number of conflicting statements that mainly raised the question of what course the KNAC actually took.

Correct prediction and yet agreement ...
To begin with, Staal reported that he had already predicted the disappointing returns. The question as to why the KNAC has then agreed to the regulation imposed on them - and five other parties - by The Hague is justified. A measure that they were not in favor of, but which they nevertheless - to speak with Peter Staal - supported 'knowingly and knowingly'. Remarkable at least.

Self-awareness is at odds with the AMK interview from 2013
Incidentally, that is "knowingly and knowingly" correct, but it does not cover the content that Peter Staal sent on the airwaves last Friday afternoon. The KNAC - together with the other parties within the oldtimer alliance - had little influence on the conclusion of the agreement. In the issue of Auto Motor Klassiek of June 2013, Peter Staal exposed the Ministry of Finance's working method to young-timer specialist and editor Marco Hof. Among other things, Staal reported that people were completely clamped down and almost intimidated. The current arrangement imposed on the old-timer alliance in an unpleasant way by the power of The Hague under the motto “take it or leave it”. The tone from the interview in question does not correspond to the self-conscious attitude that Staal displayed in the Business News Radio program. It was the Ministry that knowingly and without mercy imposed the agreement on the old-timer alliance, of which the KNAC was a part.

Staal felt it was necessary to call the analysis of Stichting Autobelangen regarding the MRB revenues “short”, while he previously indicated that he had already predicted the revenues. By indicating that, it seemed strongly that he wanted to reduce the news value of the analysis by Stichting Autobelangen to zero. Furthermore, he openly questioned the probability of success of that lawsuit that Van Embden et al. Brought against the State and drew a comparison with adjustments to the gray registration system, which remained intact. What the selectively communicating KNAC director did not mention was that the Autobelangen Foundation ensured that an adopted bill regarding the young-timer addition was reversed. Indeed: the addition rule for the category of cars that form the old-timers of the future.

Diesel issue: two hats
Furthermore, the Diesel issue came to light. The KNAC argues for clean air and, combined with the principle that cultural heritage must be safeguarded, can therefore be found in the story that the young and old-timer diesel engines are being tackled. However, the Royal Representative is currently conducting an intensive lobby against Utrecht municipal politics. People in the Dom City want to keep diesels older than fifteen years old. The KNAC is opposed to this because "that are by no means the biggest polluters." With regard to diesels, therefore, conflicting principles are formulated. A discrepancy that does not appeal to the "clear profile" that National Auto Show presenter Wouter Karssen attributed to KNAC.

Even with disappointing returns, no price change
In the meantime, Staal indicated that the KNAC "always stands behind an agreement, regardless of the proceeds". This testifies to little social responsibility, as does the agreement to an agreement of which Staal, he says, knew in advance that the proceeds would be disappointing.

"Same" objective, no support
The KNAC does not want to change the spring agreement and thereby indicate that the current regulation is being respected. But they also propagate the same desire as the Car Interests Foundation: to adjust the exemption limit to the international age limit of 30 year for classics. Incidentally, the KNAC is not looking for a connection with Wouter van Embden's club to realize that aim. It is odd that people call it thirty years, because that time frame is at odds with the principle of not being challenged by the current regulation. Staal further downplayes the number of objections, calls suspensions and exports important reasons for the disappointing revenues, but does not make any link between those quantities.

No loss of face
Peter Staal and his KNAC have elevated the maintenance of the current old-timer scheme - which was imposed on the Royal Club among others - as an important goal. Every change to the agreement, which led to an arrangement that costs the supporters and the State Treasury money, seems to be perceived by KNAC as a loss of face. But in the meantime, there is conflicting communication about multiple themes. Only when one comes out with a consistent and consistent story can the KNAC realize the clear profile attributed to them. And provide the followers with a clear and consistent flow of information.

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  1. Ok, the revenue is disappointing, one third of the amount.
    Is there also calculated what the damage is currently, including the emotional damage of the former users. What is the extra yield for the environment?
    I think if you put this purely next to each other, the cabinet will get a heavy inadequate for calculating !!
    A separate arrangement is fine for the "mis" users, who, for example, use an old Mercedes 180 diesel or the car for their daily transport. They just have to stimulate the old gas-powered cars, because this drives cleaner than the modern petrol cars.

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