Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupe (1978). The discovery was an eye-opener for Maarten-Jan.

Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupe
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Maarten-Jan has his own blog in which he tells everything about his special projects and his infection with the Italian car virus. After owning a few special sporty models, his eye fell on this Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupé. The eye-opener for him was the discovery that the Italian purebred horse was designed by Paolo Martin. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Maarten-Jan: “Perhaps my preference arose earlier when I rode with my grandfather in a Peugeot 104 drawn by Paolo Martin. The creative genius was also visible in the Fiat 130 Coupé. I thought that was a mighty machine. All my experiences and owning several elegant Italian cars such as the Lancia Themes are described in my blog.”

Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupe J-003-ND

The 'birth data' of the Lancia show a year of manufacture 1978 and the first issue in the Netherlands in 2020. It is an imposing appearance. Graceful, exceptional and surprising. Power and speed speak from the lines of the Lancia Montecarlo coupé. It remains special to come face to face with a lover of the Italian purebred horses, so that you can become acquainted with a now rare Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupé and also hear the stories behind the possession of the classic. 


Maarten-Jan could describe the restoration very briefly: “It was a bare chassis of a Lancia Beta Montecarlo and… 20 crates of parts.” A time-consuming job with a strikingly beautiful result. We understand his fascination. We even have to restrain ourselves not to put a seat next to the car and look at it for an hour. You can see the restoration in detail via

Automobilia 2022 (copy)


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  1. What a beautiful car, but what a shame about the wheels.
    Everyone has their own taste, but the rims are 20 years too young for the car, in terms of style, and really detract from a wonderful job..
    Also nice car

  2. What a beautiful car, I should know, I have a silver gray one myself. ENTIRELY OWNLY restored with many technical improvements.

  3. Beautiful restoration and equally beautiful Montecarlo.
    You did a magnificent job there!
    @charles, why are you responding l…

  4. Aside from the beautiful Lancia, and now I may say it a bit flat for a southerner, but: how interesting it is that for my part Bokke-Teun has had an eye-opener and has a blog.

  5. What beautiful Lancias have arisen in the Beta series. I also found the Gamma from that time stunning!!

  6. what a beautiful Lancia, they fared well with the rallye successes and the Stratos.
    Shame about those wheels! The original factory wheels were better! ( logical ! )

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