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Stories about the First Ducks with a single headlight (two were too expensive. But the second came after an unsuspecting Frenchman had mistaken the vehicle with only one headlight on for a motorcycle at night). And in the meantime everyone knows that the 4WD Duck, the Sahara is worth a ton. Moreover, there came in the 70th birthday year a lot of top restored Ugly Ducks.

A lot of attention

All that attention was paid to a vehicle that was thought of as a tool rather than as an automobile. 2CVs, Ugly Ducklings were never made for eternity. In their home country they lived like Greek donkeys: They had to work hard for little food. They were kept walking in all the ways that the village mechanic or a little handy farmer could think of. They died and went on a French inheritance to merge intimately with the local bushes.

Before the Citroen 2 CVs, our Ugly Ducks, collector's items and lifestyle things with apparently high prices, Ugly Ducks were once, just like Harley-Davidson 'Liberators' vehicles for people who really didn't have the money for some decent wheels: Students.

Ducks cost almost nothing

That Hope of the Fatherland bought a Duck for a hundred guilders. If that Duck died, then a new Duck came for a hundred, let it be 120 golden. The best things of the deceased Duck were transferred to it. And if that Duck flew skywards again, then…. In the best case scenario, such a student left a pretty good Duck when he graduated.

Fortunately, there are still people with the same thought in the Duck Decoy. Ducks are fun. You can easily work on it. Everything is still for sale. A lot fits over the volumes. And that knowledge is used. Because what good use does originality if it only makes it expensive and adds little to nothing to the fun that riding a duck can offer? Well then ?!

Out of passion and nostalgia

We found a couple of those Duck drivers with a big frame of mind. They have become surprisingly useful over the years, but they are certainly not restoration specialists. They have become specialists in the area that the English describe as 'make and mend': keeping their endearing free-range animals running with limited resources and skills.

Internet is a volatile medium

And the tension of Internet users is often short. But a site is a great way to draw the attention of readers who yearn for more to what it is all about: The quiet enjoyment of stories printed on paper. We succeed in that AutoMotorKlassiek nice. Because in the thirty + years of our existence, our and your monthly magazine has never had so many subscribers.

We are happy and grateful for that

A much more extensive story about the Old School Ducks is being edited. Its production is delayed. Because the story is so much fun. And so many memories come up. Take a look at the pictures. And dream away. The Order Duck for example: There is an Ami block in it. That is why he does not only have disc brakes. But it is also fast enough for long journeys. And they are made with it too.

To be continued.
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Just like the Ducks used to be.



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