Mercedes-Benz 280 SE (W108) in online auction at Catawiki

Mercedes Benz 280 SE W108
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Veilinghuis Catawiki has had a name in the field of online auctions within many categories for years. It also holds weekly vintage car auctions online. At the moment one of the auctions of German vintage cars is taking place. And within that, Catawiki offers an interesting classic for fans of classic Mercedes-Benz models: a 280 Mercedes-Benz 1969 SE Automatic, Baureihe W108. And we liked it here so much, that we want to bring it to the fore.

The Mercedes-Benz 280 SE came on the market when the W108 series had been around for a few years. More specifically: in January 1968 he debuted with the 280 S. And that meant the end for a few current versions. Mercedes-Benz kept the 250 S in the program, but it actually replaced the 250 SE and the 300 SEb with the 280 SE.

New M130 engines

The new 280 versions received the M130 V28 and E28 engine with one chain driven overhead camshaft and and 2.778 cc. With the 280 S (M130 V28) two downstream register carburetors from Zenith provided the right mix. The 280 SE (with the M130 E28 engine) had mechanical fuel injection with an injection pump equipped with six plungers. These engines were mounted by Mercedes-Benz in more models, in the 280 SE it delivered a power of 160 DIN-HP and a torque of 245 Nm at 4.250 rpm. This Benz rushed to a top of 190 kilometers per hour; from zero to one hundred lasted 10,5 seconds, impressive figures for that time.

Known underlying technology

The 280 SE also had the already known and proven underlying technology. At the rear, the undercarriage consisted of the proven single-hinged pendulum axle construction with a common pivot point and a hydropneumatic balancing spring. At the front, the wheels were suspended from, among other things, transverse double support arms. In order to steer the potential of the Mercedes-Benz 280 SE in the right direction, the Germans installed an energized braking system with four disc brakes all around. Moreover, the braking system was separate. In this way, a balanced and well-built model was created at Mercedes-Benz. The 280 SE was available with a manual four-speed gearbox, a five-speed gearbox or a 4-speed automatic transmission. Mercedes-Benz built 280 of the 91.051 SE.

Nice and well-kept copy at Catawiki

Catawiki currently offers one of the remaining 280 SE copies. It is a car in a good condition. The W050, painted in 108 Weiss from 1969, has a beautiful red leather interior, a four-gear automatic transmission and steering switch and the optional light units with double lamps. This Benz does not deny his French career. The yellow headlights are still part of the equipment of the item on offer.

Good condition, few traces of use

The white Benz has a few traces of use. But what is particularly striking is the very good condition of this W108, which still presents excellent build quality fifty years after it rolled off the tire. The Mercedes-Benz also has a mileage reading of 90.000 kilometers. Catawiki also reports that this Benz runs great, runs nicely and brakes very well. The Mercedes-Benz is serviced annually, and there are various invoices.

You can bid until 27 February

Anyone looking for a beautiful Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from the beautiful W108 Baureihe would do well to consider a bid. Keep in mind that the selling party has passed on a minimum yield to Catawiki. The estimated value of the Mercedes-Benz is between € 15.500 and € 17.000. You can view the car before placing a bid. It is located in Eghezee in Belgium and still has the French papers. If you want to make an offer on this Mercedes-Benz, you can do so up to and including 27 February next. The auction of this Mercedes-Benz ends around 20.00 p.m. More information about this Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Automatic can be found right here.

Even more classics at Catawiki

Catawiki is auctioning many more vintage cars during this period, not only from Germany but also from many other countries. It is very worthwhile to take a virtual look and then a real look if you are in the market for a good classic. For more information about the vintage car auctions and the conditions of Catawiki, visit the website of the online auction house.


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