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Mercedes Benz 400 SE. A jubilee series in Auto Motor Klassiek

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More than thirty years ago, the Baureihe 140 from Mercedes-Benz made its debut at the Geneva Salon. Today, the hugely proportioned Mercedes-Benz is especially respected. It was different during the launch, the Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 140 was presented under an unfavorable star. But that has long since been forgotten and forgiven. We noticed why this is the case during a report with Richard Steenbergen's Mercedes-Benz 400 SE from Leek, which this month plays the leading role in an eight-page story. 

In that story goes Auto Motor Klassiek extensively on Richard's car. His Mercedes-Benz 400 SE dates from an early year of construction (1992) and is in very good condition. And it is not only the cosmetic condition that is excellent inside and out: the technical state of affairs is also more than good. And while we do give the praises: Richard's Mercedes-Benz 400 SE only drove 148.000 kilometers and drives fantastically. Anyway. You can read more about that in the latest issue of Auto Motor Klassiek.

Development period

What you also read is everything about the development period of this Mercedes-Benz series. From the moment that the first sketches were made (1981, predecessor Baureihe 126 had been in the land of the living for less than two years at the time), this did not go without a hitch. Bruno Sacco's design language, that's where it all started. And there was emerging competition, the big surprise from Japan that caused a storm in Stuttgart and Munich, the final shapes that sometimes literally didn't fit on or in something: it's all discussed, as is the modeling and bodywork policy in Stuttgart.

From loaded to undisputed and flawless

And that also applies to the moment of the launch of the thirty-year series. We also describe why it was loaded. And speaking of loaded: there was another thing with the payload. For those who don't know: the name Cathedral does not come from Stuttgart, it came from another surprising source. Daimler-Benz had to go deep, very deep to arrive at the final Baureihe 140 result.

Everything ended up alright

In the end everything worked out and the Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 140 was embraced, not least because of the various new technical solutions. And of course thanks to the unsurpassed qualities, which were also raised to a very high level because of the competition from Bavaria and Japan. In addition, special versions came on the market. Pope John Paul II, for example, also liked to be transported in his modified Mercedes-Benz from the Baureihe 140.

Eight pages Baureihe 140

We can tell you that we were happy to experience that high level in Richard Steenbergen's Mercedes-Benz 400 SE, because again: it is a privilege to drive this car. We know. This is a teaser in which we are not releasing much yet. However, you will find all the stories and information in an extensive report in the latest magazine issue. Eight pages with design history, background information, specifications, technical gadgets, smart constructive solutions and a beautiful driving impression of Richard's car are ingredients to say the least. You are reading the story Auto Motor Klassiek number 8, and that issue is now on the newsstand. A beautiful edition, in which many more fascinating and surprising classics are described. And the usual themes again offer enough reason to read the magazine without any worries.



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  1. I have two of the second series, an S 350 TD and an S 280 with manual transmission. Jewelery of cars both from March 1994 with consecutive registration numbers. If you want to know the history of this, I'll be happy to write an article.

  2. A Mercedes is a decorated Volvo, both very decent cars, only a Vovo is very bare compared to a Mercedes, but yes, a Mercedes also has a more expensive price tag.
    Good value for money.

    Johan Geers

  3. As a member of the S-class club I was able to read the article in the club drawer.

    I have a W126 500SE myself, which I think is a bit nicer in line, but the driving qualities of such a Cathedral are unsurpassed of course.

    53385675 10216327726977236 5902422174475485184 or

  4. I had already read the impressive article (just like the car).
    That's the advantage of being a subscriber 😀.

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