Mercedes E 290 TD (1999): Mobile heritage for Christian Hoogstra 

Mercedes E 290 TD (1999) ambulance
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In his working life, Christian has been an ambulance driver as well as manager of the UMCG fleet in Groningen. So he contributed to the health of the University Medical Center by keeping the large ambulance fleet up-to-date. Part of the concern is also that the urgent transport is carried out perfectly. 

By: Dirk de Jong

A ball can roll in a strange way. Christian Hoogstra has given a special turn to his careerère by taking over the management of the car repair company under the same name: Hoogstra in Dokkum. But ambulance transport stuck to him. He saved his UMCG ambulance, a Mercedes E 290 TD, with the call number 15 - together with colleagues - for a future museum. 

History of the XT-BN-38 

The deployment began in 1999 at the Van de Vrij ambulance service at a post in the Frisian Buitenpost. From 2002 to 2005 he was deployed for the AZG (Academic Hospital in Groningen) and from 2005 Christian kept the Mercedes E 290 TD as a spare car as car manager. Despite the fact that it remains the property of the UMCG, Christian and his friends have completely refurbished the car, and also feel a bit like owners. 

Patient transport then and now 

This Mercedes E 290 TD is a good example of the development of reclining patient transport. Years ago, in an accident or illness, the patient was quickly taken to hospital for treatment. The assistance was completely different from what is now the case. One had to limit oneself to simple medical procedures. There used to be no real life-saving actions, that was only possible in the hospital. The patient transporters were all independent entrepreneurs. Now in 2021, the ambulance has become a mobile mini-hospital that immediately treats and stabilizes the patient there, after which the journey to the hospital begins. The organization is now professional with expert nurses on every emergency transport ambulance. 


The rescue was successful. After years of storage, the ambulance is now for inspection at the car bodyshop, so that it can be housed in an attractive collection in optimal condition. Old cars (the ambulance is 20 years old) indicate an era and underline the development of reclining patient transport as well as the design. Today's ambulances are often larger buses, where patients can be looked after better. It is wonderful that Christian keeps the hobby alive from his old profession by bringing it to an excellent condition and keeping it, so that he can share it with many other young-timer and classic enthusiasts.

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Mercedes E 290 TD (1999) ambulance


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    • In the past, the ambulances were smaller than today is a fair observation. First, the people were smaller / narrower (both the ambulance staff and the patient) and there was much less equipment to carry around. Comfort and speed were more important than size at the time.
      Nice action by Christian to preserve this ambulance as a heritage for a career as a camper.

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