Mini facts

The first Austin and Morris Mini's saw the light of day in April 1959 and were in Great Britain in books like Austin Mini Seven (with the word Seven being written as 'Se7s' in early publications!) And Morris Mini Minor.

In the case of Austin in memory of the immensely popular 'volkswagen' known as the Austin Seven from the twenties and thirties; in the Morris case, based on the success of the Morris Minor. Until 1967 the parent company BMC would continue to use this name officially, although from 1961 they were already unofficially referred to as Austin or Morris Mini. That had to do with the product of Bond Cars Ltd. who have been calling their tricycle since 1949 Minicar. In the United States and France, however, the customer could choose an Austin 1962 or a Morris 850 up to around 850, while the cart in Denmark had to make it up to 1964 with an Austin Mini called Partner. The Morris Mini was different. Until 1981 the cart there was called Morris Mascot ...

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