The most beautiful roads and routes in Europe. Part two.

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Pon recently put together a nice overview of some beautiful routes on our planet. We selected a number of routes and added a nice route ourselves. We also chose a classic for each route with which we would like to drive one of the routes. A purely personal choice of course. Today we are publishing part two with beautiful roads and routes in Europe. Are you getting in for the sequel?

Route Napoléon, France

This road is 325 kilometers long and part of the N85 direction Paris. From Golfe-Juan on the Riviera to Grenoble at the foot of the Alps, you cycle through the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Rhône-Alpes regions, crossing major roads and passing picturesque towns. And that name? It is part of the route that Napoléon took to claim his throne after three years of exile.

Ideal classic to ride the Route Napoléon: Citroën Visa Mille Pistes. Small in size, big in action, four-wheel drive and a potent 1.360 cc engine with 110 HP. The four-wheel drive is not a superfluous luxury within this certainly not risk-free route, which combines beauty with unfiltered steering and gearing. And that combined with a good dash of rally experience. The Mille Pistes simply belongs here.

Desfiladero de la Hermida, Spain

With 21 kilometers, this gap in Cantabria is the longest stretch in Spain. You get there via the N621 winding road and there are several viewpoints with a great view of the limestone rocks, some of which are 600 meters high. You will experience a true highlight in the Picos de Europa area. Just as Cantabria and nearby Asturias offer many reasons to extend the route. Not everyone known. But phenomenally beautiful!

Ideal classic for the Desfiladero de la Hermida: Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli. Delicious GTI that, thanks to the 1.8 engine and a well-spaced gearbox, spreads out the rich torque over a wide speed range. This makes it not only a top athlete, but also a fine and versatile Gran Turismo that is ideal for a trip in the mountains.

Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

The Atlantic road is 8,72 kilometers long and has eight bridges that connect various small islands: a perfect combination of nature and technology. You are only a few meters above the sea level of the Atlantic, which makes it a psychological challenge for drivers with guts.

Ideal classic: Datsun 240 Z, manual. The low seat literally brings you closer to the turbulent Atlantic waters. On this beautiful road and in the unspoilt hinterland, the sporting qualities of this still underrated Japanese sports car also come into their own.

Val Palot, Italy

Beautiful route full of challenges, beautiful panoramas and lots of cornering. From Gardone Val Trompia you drive to Tavernole sul Mella. When you see the signs Pezzaze and Pezzoro you turn off and then the party starts. A new, surprising panorama awaits after every turn. In the meantime, stop in the villages to enjoy the beautiful views. In Palot you will reach the peak of the route and you can have lunch or a drink. You prepare for the trip to Pisogne. Numerous sharp turns are then your part. Peace returns to the edges of Lago d'Iseo. This unknown route offers all the ingredients for an unforgettable tour.

Ideal classic: Fiat 124 Spider 1600, 1970. Beautiful all-rounder with which you can experience the idyll in peace. Certainly on the way to the top of the route you experience with an open roof how you can become one with an enchanting environment. The solid road holding of the gracious Italian then comes in handy on the route from Val Palot to Pisogne. Great steering, with options to use the border as a reward. Or breathe in the beauty of the descent in peace. Molto, molto bene.

You will read the last part of the most beautiful roads and routes in Europe soon!



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